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Sounds Good to Me: Layoff Doggett

Turn the dems against each other? Every chance we get! And if we can Layoff Doggett, the author of the Dogget Layoff for teachers, all the better. With this map, Texas Republicans are turning Democrats against each other, and forcing Doggett, who has fought for our progressive values for decades in Congress, the Texas Senate, … Continue reading

Doggett layoff author opposes Perry

Big surprise: Lloyd Doggett doesn’t like Perry. I guess he’s given up on winning his primary against one of the Castro twins (I can’t tell them apart), so he’s going to spend time campaigning against the Governor who wouldn’t lie for money. has a blog entry explaining the details, here. Doggett’s the creator of … Continue reading

Vote David Dewhurst for Texas Lieutenant Governor

Vote for David Dewhurst as Lieutenant Governor of Texas in the Republican Primary Runoff May 27, 2014!   David Dewhurst led the Texas Senate to pass strong legislation for Texas that so many other States haven’t been able to pass: He held the line in 2003 when Dems ran to New Mexico and in 2011 … Continue reading

Meet the Candidates in Comal County races

Here are 3 opportunities to meet some of those people on the Republican ticket that I hope you will vote for: Justice Bob Pemberton,Republican and incumbent candidate for the Third Court of Appeals, will be at a reception hosted by (my) Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Jan Kennady, on Wednesday, October 24 at the Emme … Continue reading

Texas Medical Association @TexMed “Friendly Incumbent” rule

A fellow Texas Medical Association member asked me today how I felt about TexPAC – was it even worth giving them money and “what about their endorsements for judges?” He had been surprised to notice the TMA’s endorsement of some Democrat candidates after the Judicial endorsements caught his eye. (He even asked whether the list … Continue reading

What you might not know about the Texas US Senate Race #TxSen

At Monday night’s debate in Houston between Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz, Republicans in the runoff for the US Senate race(Twitter #TxSen), I met a couple who said they were still “undecided” about who to vote for. They asked why I was supporting Lt. Governor David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz. They were surprised that … Continue reading

Exec. Office of President visits

There are several programs that give me information about visits to the website. Sometimes I know the location and even their actual site of the visitor. Today, around 9:30 AM, someone at the Executive Office of the President (USA) spent 36 seconds viewing WingRight. The entry page was yesterday’s post about the AMA’s endorsement of … Continue reading

Texas Redistricting: You can’t make this stuff up (Burnt Orange can)

I don’t even have to emphasize or extrapolate from round about comments. The Left lays it out for me. From the Burnt Orange (far, far left) blog, examples that only the right kind of minorities are acceptable – the Democrat minorities: CD-17 got 18 points more Democratic, probably by the inclusion of north Austin and … Continue reading

Texas Primary AFTER the State Convention?

There are several Democrats that must be primaried if we can at all help it and they must be beat in November. Layoff Lloyd Doggett, Wendy the-long-winded Davis (her filibuster was responsible for the special session) are two. Then, there’s the Castro twin – whichever one it really is – and Ciro Rodriquez if he … Continue reading

Pelosi stumps for Joachin Castro in San Antonio

Or at least that’s what the San Antonio Express News is reporting. Who knows which of the brothers is really which, since they’ve got a history of playing “stand in” for one another? Forgive me, but “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:” The photo shows Congressman Charlie Gonzales, one of the Castro politicians, Nancy … Continue reading

Texas Redistricting: two (Dem) white lawmakers hold up primary

The real hold up seems to be white Dem Lloyd Doggett and white Dem Wendy Davis. These are the “coalition” “choices” being fought over. With the incumbent in the middle of the gallery, the lawyers argued over Congressional District 25, a district that is either safe for or hostile to U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin. … Continue reading

Perry Appeals Congressional Map Fight to U.S. Supreme Court – Businessweek

The Court in San Antonio re-drew all of Texas’ Congressional Districts and even created a new one in Tarrant County. From my right wing perspective, it appears that the Judges were protecting the minor Party, rather than minor voters. The judges ignored the true voting record of Comal County, at least, by leaving the Hispanic … Continue reading

Here’s the new Texas Congressional Map

As I noted before, it appears that the Courts have drawn the map to protect the minority party, not the voters who belong to traditional voting minorities. Click on Map to bring up interactive Map from the Texas Legislative Council.   Hat tip to the San Marcos Mercury for the link.

Fed court proposes Texas congressional districts

The “minority” the court maps protect is the minority Party. In the State Senate map, Wendy Davis’ seat is “protected.” In the Congressional Districts, it’s Doggett, with a split that separates his District 25 from the new District 34. Texas Democrats were pleased with the proposed map.”We are pleased that Texas is on the road … Continue reading

Campbell files to oppose Wentworth for state senate seat | The Gonzales Cannon

Good news for Republicans in the Texas Senate District 25! Since our current Senator refused to allow me to be introduced as “Doctor for the Day” at the Capitol last May because of my efforts to get him to endorse pro-life causes, guess who I endorse? Dr. Donna Campbell announced Monday her intention to seek … Continue reading

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