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Get the RINO’s out, now!

I tend to be a “some is better than none” type of voter. Normally, I say that just about any Republican is better than just about any Democrat.
But not on life and family issues. I wont cast a vote for pro-aborts or pro-homosexual “marriage” RINO’s.
I did refrain from criticizing my own State Senator, who is both, because of a misguided loyalty to the Party – and my husband is the County chair. In reward the man refused to allow me to be introduced as “Doctor of the Day” at the Senate, this May and he fought our ultrasound bill.
Never again.
Every Republican who cannot stand for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage should be hounded out of office, not just voted out. No violence, no threats, just unrelenting pressure to resign. (My husband says, “Good!” or I wouldn’t put this on line. I really do believe what I say about marriage.)

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