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(What the really means)

Tonight, we saw the Senate Democrats table (without a vote) the debt ceiling Bill passed in the House because it cut spending, did not add taxes, and included a requirement to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment before raising the debt ceiling again.

(NO to #compromise.)Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-Utah) (who hasn’t passed a budget in nearly 3 years, even one sent from the President) along with Senator Schumer (D-NY), then held a press conference to tell us that he’s upset with Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Senate Republican Minority want a “filibuster” (they won’t vote to vote on it without a debate).

Then tonight, New York Times had the nerve to print the following in an editorial (parentheses comments are my explanations):

Instead of worsening the bill,

(That means: he wouldn’t agree to more fewer cuts in spending or any increases in taxes.)

Mr. Boehner could have negotiated with Democrats to construct one with a chance of resolving the standoff and passing in the Senate.

(That means he could have agreed to increase taxes so the Dems would agree.)

But concerned largely with preserving his position,

(That means: Republican voters and our Representatives are very serious about cutting spending without raising taxes and we want some sort of Balanced Budget Amendment.)

he gave in to the very lawmakers who have been insisting for weeks that the Obama administration is lying about the coming default. That argument alone should have given him pause about giving in to their demands.

The Senate quickly tabled the revised House bill.

(The Democrat majority refused to vote on the House Bill, so they voiced a decision to “table” it, effectively killing the Bill so it can’t be considered without a majority of votes to bring it back to the floor.)

The legislation being prepared by Harry Reid, the majority leader, would raise the debt ceiling through March 2013. That avoids another showdown, and potential meltdown, in the middle of the crucial retail shopping period and at the start of the presidential campaign cycle, when Washington will be even less open to rational compromise.

What this means: the Dems absolutely do not want to debate the debt ceiling issue to be debated when people are deciding who to vote for in the Primary and in next November’s Presidential election. The NYT and the Dems evidently believe that raising the debt ceiling, increasing spending or taxes will not be popular with those voters.)

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