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Another look at the phrase, “Flavor of the week”

Star Parker’s column this week (here on asks great questions, which would be hard to answer in 60 seconds or less. As she notes, the debates are “Maximum style, minimum substance. Focus on sizzle, forget about the steak.

I’m afraid that the debates are not designed to let us get to know the views of the candidates or to allow discussion of the issues, much less to point out the true differences between them.

The purpose of the debates for the media is to get ratings and fodder for the next few news cycles, when the media descends on every gaffe or interpersonal spat as though they were a pack of wild animals on a carcass. If they can embarrass one of the candidates (or cause him to embarrass himself), so much the better for the hyenas to feast on.

Puts a different spin on the idea of the “flavor of the week, doesn’t it?”

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