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Interviews with (Lt. Governor) David Dewhurst for Texas Senate (video @davidhdewhurst )

“The government has no money, it’s the people’s money.” April 10, 2011 interview with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst Part 1

If you haven’t already voted – tomorrow, Tuesday, May 29th, is the Primary Election Day. I hope you will look at these videos before casting your vote for Texas’ next Senator.

This is not the man you’ve seen portrayed in his opponent’s ads. You will see the thought processes of the Lt. Governor and the lessons he’s learned.

Part 2 is here “I’ve been living by the same principles since the Tea Party was formed! That is to keep spending as low as possible, to reduce your taxes, to have Free Market reforms.”

Part 3 is here. “Since 2008, 80% of all the jobs in the country have been here.”

(Unfortunately, You-tube has to make some money, so the videos may have commercials at the first. There’s even one of the harshly negative “Club for Growth” ads against the Lt. Governor that showed up the first time I re-visited Part 1, today.)

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