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Texas (Democrat) Tort Lawyers for “Justice”?

If, like me, you’ve seen the promoted “affluenza” Facebook posts (here and here) about Texas Supreme Court Justices Nathan Hecht, Jeff Brown and Phil Johnson, take a look at this excerpt from an e-mail from Democrat and tort lawyer, Lisa Blue Barron:

From: Lisa Blue []
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 11:56 AM
Subject: Hey! The Texas Supreme Court has “affluenza” and favors corporate crony Republicans
1ST MESSAGE TO GO OUT TO ALL CLIENTS / CONTACTS. PLEASE DO IT TODAY.      As you know we have a real shot of changing the Texas Supreme Court but we need your help. With
regards to our social media campaign for the next 4 weeks we are going to be pushing our message out. We will need your firm to once or twice a week email and/ or Facebook out to all your clients / contacts different messages. If we all participate we should be able to hit at least 500,000 people – this is significant in terms of getting the message out and influencing the primary.
In order to facilitate this, I am asking that you cut and paste the below message and email to all your contacts and clients. Also to motivate others, please email back to us how many people you have emailed the below message too. Thanks. Lisa Blue / Paul Danziger


Ms. Barron holds fund raisers for Wendy Davis. She defended John Edwards and helped hide his “love child.” She is the “Irrepressible Widow.”

Tell me, who is more likely to suffer from “affluenza?”

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