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Leaked Lib Megadonor Doc: ‘Fundamentally Change Our Current Political System’ | Media Research Center

Groups profiled by the Democracy Alliance, with funding amounts. The number of Democracy Alliance partners supporting each organization is in parentheses.

America Votes: $3.16 million (24 partners supporting)

American Constitution Society $1.19 million (18 partners supporting)

Black Civic Engagement Fund: $900.000 (3 partners supporting)

Brennan Center for Justice: $2.6 million (32 partners supporting)

Catalist, LLC: $1.18 million (9 partners supporting)

Center for American Progress: $3.3 million (26 partners supporting)

Center for Community Change: $2.15 million (17 partners supporting)

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: $1.91 million (27 partners supporting)

Common Purpose Project: $130,000 (5 partners supporting)

Fund for the Republic: $1.39 million (14 partners supporting)

Latino Engagement Fund: $1.89 million (15 partners supporting)

Media Matters for America: $2.7 million (33 partners supporting)

New Media Ventures: $330,000 (14 partners supporting)

New Organizing Institute: $440,000 (13 partners supporting)

Organizing for Action: $650,000 (10 partners supporting)

Progressive Majority: $600,000 (13 partners supporting)

ProgressNow: $1.8 million (31 partners supporting)

State Engagement Initiative: (created through a partnership with the Committee on States)

State Voices: $1.44 million (20 partners supporting)

Youth Engagement Fund $240,000 (14 partners supported)

The Women’s Equality Center was also highlighted, although it did not receive money during 2013, with the addendum that “[g]oing forward, DA staff will work with WEC to set annual goals and report back to Partners on its performance and impact.”

via Leaked Lib Megadonor Doc: ‘Fundamentally Change Our Current Political System’ | Media Research Center.

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