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Olympic uniforms, religion and politics

Either way, these ridiculous outfits – both Nation’s – are demeaning to women.


The extreme body and head coverings are more than a religious statement.  They are at least the proselytizing equivalent of preaching Islam. At worst,  they are political statements – uniforms implying that arms, legs and hair of women are an offence.

The tiny suits have little to do with playing the sport and no protection for the athletes at all.

I very rarely even go sleeveless out of modesty and acknowledgement of my excess weight, but there’s a small part of me that wants to strip to camisole and shorts when I see these families, him in T-shirt and shorts, her covered from head to fingers to toes.

I saw teen girls covered on our recent trip to Europe, which made me ill.  As though their hair could be immodest or impure. Or a shame.

Funny, I just thought it silly for the Amish girls at Westminster Abbey to wear their little bonnets. And I looked on with approval when I saw the young nuns in habits and the Church of England priests in long robes. Having been raised Baptist, I’m convinced that Jesus approves of women’s hair and doesn’t require more than modesty of any of us. He certainly doesn’t require a uniform.  So shouldn’t the latter bother me more than the rules of a non-Christian religion?

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