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Yes, but…War!Hate!Immigration! Politics?

It’s not just the Left/Progressives/SJWs, up in arms about the Trump Executive Orders. No, as has been noted by others, the Right/Republicans/NeverEvers are at it, too.

I’m tired of the shifting complaints from non-debaters who won’t acknowledge my last reply, full of facts and references in response to their accusations. The answers skip from “it’s unConstitutional!,” to “he’s making Law!” then, when shown the basis for Trump’s EO in each case, there’s the emotional charges of either “Trump is hater” or “we can’t just let the refugees die!”

While one young (draft age) man went so far as to advocate waging war against ISIS, Assad, AND Russia(!) in order to save the Syrian refugees, the usual declaration is that Trump is aiding the bigots. The latest meme is that the Quebec mosque shooting proved that there is a”dark side” of Islamophobia, fed by Trump’s nationalism.

What we must do is choose our battles, how we divide our resources. If we do not somehow control who enters our country, we put our neighbors in danger.

Yes, there is a “dark side” to supporters of a travel ban, just as John Brown represented the dark side of the abolition movement. It is possible to condemn the dark side, while still working for the good.
The truth is that the “dark side” has warned us and given real life examples of its intention to terrorize US citizens, activating refugees and asylum seekers, as well as”home grown” aggressors.  The simplest and least disruptive way our government has to seek out the foreign aggressors  is by vetting those on the way into the country.

The “ban” is a temporary suspension, to give the new Administration a chance to review and strengthen the processes in place for that vetting. It isn’t a “Muslim ban” or a “travel ban.” It’s good policy.

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