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Answering Trump Derangement Syndrome

A long post written for Facebook, pretty much self explanatory:

Friday, as I often do, I wrote a blog for WingRight about (and posted an additional link to an informative interview with) Dr. Scott Atlas.

Although I seriously considered tagging you, I decided not to. I certainly don’t add the heading, “to my Democrat friends.”

I enjoy discussing ideas, ethics, and politics, but try to avoid disharmony and criticising personalities as much as possible. I’ve muted your posts because the hostile tone and – frankly – the rude and sometimes obscene posts from your other friends.

Did you hear about the peace deal brokered by President Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates? The expectation is a domino effect among other Middle East nations.

As to the new Postmaster General: Mr. DeJoy ran a successful and profitable freight and supply chain business for 35 years.

The mail delivery horrors you list are pure politics and distraction. We have a PO Box in the USVI, but, as with our businesses in the US, we have always used FedEx for time-sensitive mail. Even Amazon had slowdowns over the last 5 months, due to volume, staffing difficulties, and the practical matter of barriers to product delivery from (China) foreign manufacturers.

The collection box removals have been going on for years. The changes in the USPS are reportedly being made to improve productivity, but politics…

Assume Democrats that oppose the President, as well as Republicans that support him, work for the post office and that Republicans want every one of their ballots properly and efficiently delivered, too.

For the response to COVID-19, I recommend the interview between Dr. Atlas and Peter Robinson on Stanford University’s Hoover Institute “Uncommon Knowledge.”

The facts are that most virus mitigating measures were State responsibilities and there is no legal way for Federal involvement.

It’s not “all age groups.” Under 60 years old, the risk of severe illness is equal to the risk from influenza.1/2 of cases are asymptomatic or very mild symptoms. 99% of deaths are in people over 25 years old.

2/3 of deaths in many states were nursing home patients. 80% in Michigan. (The latest rumor is that it was *intended* by the Democrat Governors to cut the elderly population.)

The “killing” happened due to 1.) failing to protect our elderly and forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients and 2.) lost lives and years due to the lock downs, closing schools, and destruction of the economy. Excess deaths are greater than those explained by the virus. (Deaths due to delayed treatment for strokes, heart attacks, cancer, but as high as a 35% increase in some areas of Michigan, in ER visits for severe child abuse.)

California served as a lab for testing draconian methods like prolonged lock downs, chained parks & banned beaches, even requiring masks while exercising out doors, i.e., running and cycling! Yet, the hospitalizations, and deaths equal or exceed States that reopened, like Texas.

I had hoped that naming Harris as nominee for VP candidate would stop the Democrat talking points about adultery. At least no one claims that Trump built his career by an affair with a married power broker.

And, since you bring it up, “bullying” should be off the table, too. Harris put people in jail for marijuana, blocked possibly exonerating DNA evidence in a death row case and kept people in jail after they should have been released. This fact check from January, 2019 about Accusations made by Biden and others, is actually very fair,

The Epstein talking point conveniently skips the history: Trump banned Epstein from his properties back in the early ’90’s, after the sexual predator was exposed. The one woman who claimed to connect Trump & Epstein filed and dropped 3 suits in 2016, using a fraudulent address in the first.

Trump explained the comment about Maxwell: his 1st thought, like that of many of us, was that Epstein didn’t kill himself.

My politics focus in ethics and defending inalienable human rights and the Constitution. Abortion infringes the right not to be killed and mocks the concept of all the rest.

Even the 2nd Amendment goes beyond defending and enforcing the 1st Amendment and the rest of the Constitution: the right to self defense is a corollary to the right not to be killed.

You should really lose the accusation about children in cages since those pictures were from 2014, Obama’s ICE. The result of the huge caravans.

The rest of your comments are pure opinion, even going so far as to ask whether Melania is happy.

Ending on a positive note: Trump isn’t racist!

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