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Why the fuss about Amy Coney Barrett?

Politics are heated, these days. One hot spot is the imminent confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States after the unanticipated (yet expected) death of Ruth Nader Ginsberg last month.

A lot of us have expressed our concerns about what has been called “social eugenics,”experimenting with basic societal institutions and our children’s future. (Example: the unexpected problems of forced single parent homes and racial disparity in prisons from the way we pay aid to families and “the War on Drugs.” )

Huge changes were mandated by SCOTUS, rather than State by State, or even at the Federal legislative level, through legislation by our elected representatives. Controversial social change – either direction – is better accepted if it comes socially, then politically.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has demonstrated the ability to rule based on law, separating religious matters from the meaning of the law. The ABA isn’t adverse to withholding approval for judges, yet gave a glowing recommendation of “Very qualified” and testified about their deliberative process and in favor of confirmation at the Judiciary Committee this morning.

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