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“Nightmare” over?

Never before have we had a media that is so unbalanced. The opinion pieces and editorials that are being published about the events in Washington, DC on 6 January, 2021 as though they are objective news have left least one of my long-time friends to claim that the newly elected US government “came from God to save us from this nightmare!”

Watch & see. I doubt much will change.

First, of course, remember that political, violent “nightmares” have happened before:

The beginning of yesterday’s events could be said to originate in 1990. Members of the Weaver family, including a mother & a 14 year old boy were murdered at Ruby Ridge by Federal agents. Two men, Weaver and Harris, charged with killing a Federal agent during the shoot out that resulted in the boy’s death, were aquited after agents testified that they fired first and that Weaver, at least, never shot at anyone. No charges were brought against the shooters or others involved in the cover-up that followed.

In 2000, we endured a solid month of hanging chad’s followed by the attempted obstruction of the counting of overseas military votes.

During the Obama Administration, there was Occupy Wall Street & its off-shoots, the Fast & Furious gun running. This, paralleled with the weaponization of the IRS against conservatives and pressure on banks to close accounts of gun retailers, resulted in findings of Contempt of Congress against the US Attorney General & the head of the IRS. The local DA and judges in DC had jurisdiction to enforce the Contempt charges, but refused to prosecute.

Obama’s Administration also actually spyed on journalists, even naming one an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

On 1 August, 2008, Pelosi ordered the lights & air conditioners turned off in the House of Representatives chamber, to prevent Republican Congressmen from giving speeches and speaking to the media. Capitol police ordered the Press to leave.

Contrast that last to the “sit in” by Democrats in June, 2016.

And, of course, the evidence is clear that Presidential candidate Trump & his Administration were investigated by the CIA & FBI. Kevin Clinesmith, an FBI lawyer, actually lied to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter Page.

Official documents exhonorating General Flynn are still being discovered, 3 years after his court case. Judge Sullivan is well known for censoring officials who withheld exculpatory evidence. Not this time.

Amazingly, future Vice President Kamala Harris, helped raise bail money for anarchist rioters last summer.

And, last night, the violence including weapons, fires, and attacks on police, in Portland continued.

So don’t expect that we all relax or that the “nightmare” is over. It’s certainly not the work of God. Just the opposite, I think.

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