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The Left’s *Class* Ceiling

From the public rhetoric and actions, it appears that the Left’s motto is “if I can’t have it, no one can.” In direct contrast to all the talk of protecting and preserving the middle class from the Obama administration, I’m convinced that their true goal is to control and limit the people who make it above lower middle class.

Their vision is so limited, they no longer see the American dream as “anyone can be President, a millionaire, etc. With this man in the White House, you’d think they’d be celebrating. But no! Since they have pinched little minds, and pinched little souls. they are consumed by class envy.

How else to explain the Occupiers? They

The violence and destruction is just one step away from the anarchy the far Left commits repeatedly at IMF/World Bank meetings.  Witness the shut-down of the shipping yards at Oakland Port, this week, or the Black Friday attacks on Walmart and their employees, which even spread to Hawaii, where “shop locally” would definitely limit choices and increase prices. Not to mention kill the economy built on taxes and fees on tourists.

Gives a whole new meaning to “Take back our Country,” doesn’t it?

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