Fiscal Cliff

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Sinking Economy? Obama says sink it faster

Hitting the debt ceiling, borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend, and about to go over the “fiscal cliff” if a compromise isn’t worked out. The Obama strategy is to spend more, borrow more and pretty much sabotage the “bipartisan” deal.

How grand is that?

And who does the New York Times blame?

via Republicans Balk at Obama’s Short-Term Stimulus –

The Obama administration is arguing that the sluggish economy requires a shot in the arm, and it included tens of billions of dollars of little-noticed stimulus measures in its much-noticed proposal to Congressional leaders last week. But Republicans have countered that the country cannot afford to widen the deficit further, and have balked at including the measures in any eventual deal.

Fiscal Cliff: It’s the Spending, Stupid!

Here’s the data:

The solution is to cut the growth in spending and to grow the economy.

Republicans need to understand that we Republicans who voted re-elected the Legislators that we re-elected and elected the new ones that were elected because we expect them to stand strong:  No increase in the debt limit. Continue all the current tax rates. Get out of the way of business and industry!

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