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How Farm Subsidies Harm

Or: one of the things I learned while reading “Fed Up,” by Governor Rick Perry, leading me to find this article by the Heritage Foundation:

A recent Washington Post investigation discovered 75 acres of Texas farmland that had been converted into a housing development. Today, the homeowners on these properties (which are worth well over $300,000 each) are eligible for fixed payments for the lawn in their backyards because of its “historical rice production.” Residents never asked for these subsidies and have even stated that as non-farmers they do not want the government mailing them checks.[30] Over the past 25 years, rice plantings in Texas have plummeted from 600,000 acres to 200,000, in part because people can now collect generous rice subsidies without planting rice. If Washington insists on subsidizing farming, subsidizing actual farmland rather than residential neighborhoods that were once farmland would make more sense.

via How Farm Subsidies Harm Taxpayers, Consumers, and Farmers, Too.

NIH-Backed Study Examined Effects of Size of Male Genitalia in Gay Community

This source  and subject of this post is rated PG13, at least, even though I’ve cleaned up the title a bit.

There is a bit of scientific knowledge gained: an association with size and rate of STD’s. However, in medicine, I was taught that we probably shouldn’t measure test if there is no treatable condition involves.

It appears that the stipend for a post-doctoral fellow (someone who has already finished his Ph.D, but is doing further research under the supervision of a professor or committee, was covered by the National Institute of Health (the NIH), as some part of a large grant which was then awarded to subsidiaries:

“Those researchers then compiled data from a survey of more than 1,000 gay and bisexual men at events in New York City for the gay community.

     ”    . . . . But one of the researchers involved with the report told that NIH funding was only used to help “analyze and write up” data that had already been collected without the use of taxpayer funds.  

“The data were not collected using taxpayer funds,” Jeffrey Parsons, a professor with Hunter College, said in an email. “NIH funds were not used to measure anyone’s penis size.” 

“This study was funded by the Hunter College Center for HIV/AIDS Education Studies and Training,” the National Institutes of Health said. “Dr. Christian Grov was supported as a postdoctoral research fellow at the time the research was conducted by a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded training grant.”

Some one does need to to take a closer look at the subsequent uses of NIH grants, after they leave the NIH. Perhaps the judgement of the tenured advisers of Dr. Grov should be questioned.
I’ve had friends who went the Ph.D route and I know that Post-Docs are usually underpaid and just looking for the niche that will get them a good teaching post somewhere or allow them to write their book.
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