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Wentworth and Jones voting records: “virtually indistinguishable” | Texas Politics | a blog

Vote Dr. Donna Campbell, the true conservative:

According to Mark P. Jones, chairman of Rice University’s political science department, state Sen. Jeff Wentworth and former Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones’ House voting records are not just “virtually indistinguishable.”

They’re also “in the center (with a modest leftward tilt) of the Texas House Republicans.”

His analysis is in today’s Texas Tribune, you can read all the GOP candidate comparisons here.

This won’t be news to supporters of Dr. Donna Campbell, but it might come as a surprise to those supporting Jones because she’s selling herself as more conservative than Wentworth.

(More trustworthy, too, but that’s a different story…)

via Wentworth and Jones voting records: “virtually indistinguishable” | Texas Politics | a blog.

Donna Campbell: pro-life. Jeff Wentworth: not

Not until the 3rd trimester, at 7 months or 24 weeks or so, anyway. And that’s exactly why I was one of the many who asked Dr. Donna Campbell to run for Senator for Senate District 25.

I’ve finally uploaded the video of Jeff Wentworth telling the Comal County Republicans that he believes abortion should be legal until the 3rd trimester. I’ve heard him say the same thing several times since.

This is the man who fought the Choose Life license Plate for 6 years, who voted against the Sonogram Bill. Contrast this man with Dr. Donna Campbell the Conservative candidate for Senator from Senate District 25! Contrast

In fact, Wentworth brought up the subject of abortion up to the 3rd trimester at the Rotary Club meeting last Thursday, when I was either too busy giving Dr. Donna’s credentials  — and definitely too wimpy, compared to this woman. He made the same statement about abortion being illegal in the 3rd trimester.

If my video doesn’t work, you can watch it at the Wentworth on Abortion

Campbell files to oppose Wentworth for state senate seat | The Gonzales Cannon

Good news for Republicans in the Texas Senate District 25!

Since our current Senator refused to allow me to be introduced as “Doctor for the Day” at the Capitol last May because of my efforts to get him to endorse pro-life causes, guess who I endorse?

Dr. Donna Campbell announced Monday her intention to seek the Republican nomination for Texas Senate, District 25 in order to fill a void of conservative leadership.

Campbell ran unsuccessfully to unseat Congressman Lloyd Doggett in last year’s congressional races, carrying every county but one — Travis County — in that district. She will oppose incumbent seven-term Republican state Sen. Jeff Wentworth, who is viewed as a moderate by most party members.

The 25th District includes Guadalupe, Hays, Comal and parts of Bexar and Travis counties.

via Campbell files to oppose Wentworth for state senate seat | The Gonzales Cannon.

Hat tip to Conservatives in Action.

Click here to get your “Choose Life” license plate

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