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Exec. Office of President visits

There are several programs that give me information about visits to the website. Sometimes I know the location and even their actual site of the visitor.

Today, around 9:30 AM, someone at the Executive Office of the President (USA) spent 36 seconds viewing WingRight. The entry page was yesterday’s post about the AMA’s endorsement of the repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

They also visited my posts that mentioned Layoff Lloyd Doggett. This means that they had to do an actual search. There have been other White House and DC visits to individual posts that mention Layoff in the past.

I understand why the WH may have been searching for news on the IPAB. It’s an integral part of the pretense of balancing the budget – or at least decreasing the deficit – through Obamacare. Why is the White House – the Executive Office of the President, no less – so interested in the man responsible for so many teachers being laid off in Texas?

Pelosi stumps for Joachin Castro in San Antonio

Or at least that’s what the San Antonio Express News is reporting. Who knows which of the brothers is really which, since they’ve got a history of playing “stand in” for one another?

Forgive me, but “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:”

The photo shows Congressman Charlie Gonzales, one of the Castro politicians, Nancy Pelosi, State Senator (run away) Leticia Van de Putte, and another Castro twin.

While I’m very tempted to make “Saturday Night Live” jokes and puns about the opening statement by the SAEN that “Pelosi whipped up” anything, I think I’ll just quote the SAEN quoting Charlie Gonzales,

“Of course I’m endorsing him,” he said. “And when you support Joaquin Castro, you support Nancy Pelosi returning as speaker of the House.”

I do have to ask, where are State Reps Trey Martinez-Fischer  and Mike Villarreal? Were they not invited, or do they support Layoff Lloyd Doggett?

Sounds Good to Me: Layoff Doggett

Turn the dems against each other? Every chance we get!

And if we can Layoff Doggett, the author of the Dogget Layoff for teachers, all the better.

With this map, Texas Republicans are turning Democrats against each other, and forcing Doggett, who has fought for our progressive values for decades in Congress, the Texas Senate, and Texas Supreme Court, into battle against Castro, a rising star who should have an equally long opportunity to serve his home community of San Antonio.

via Burnt Orange Report: Republicans’ Relentless Drive to Remove Doggett.

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