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Deja Vu All Over Again: Total US Debt Passes Debt Ceiling

See WingRight notes from early in August, here and here-  back on August 9th, when the debt was “only” 14.591 Trillion. Did y’all notice how quiet this approach to the debt ceiling it?

   Remember when

one month ago the US, to much pomp and circumstance, not to mention one downgrade, announced a grand bargain raising the debt ceiling from $14.294 trillion to something much higher, with a stop gap intermediate ceiling of $14.694 trillion, or $400 billion more. Well, as of today, or less than a month since the expansion, total US debt is at $14.697 trillion. Yep – the total debt is again over the ceiling, which means the US debt increased by $400 billion in one month. Score one for fiscal prudence. And while the total debt subject to the limit is still slightly less, at $14.652, one week of Treasury auctions and will be time for Moody’s to justify again why the US is a quadruple A credit.

via Deja Vu All Over Again: Total US Debt Passes Debt Ceiling… In Under One Month Since Extension | ZeroHedge. (Watch out for the comments, lots of little boys over there.)

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