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The Vetoes of Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry vetoed a record 82 bills his first Legislative Session in office, back in 2001.

In Texas, they called it the “Father’s Day Massacre.”

In June 2001, fresh off his first legislative session as governor, Rick Perry vetoed 79 bills on the last day of his veto period — the time in which a governor can sign bills, veto them, or allow them to become law without his signature. Added to the three bills he had vetoed prior, Perry’s annihilation shattered the record for a Texas governor. (Perry easily knocked off Republican Bill Clements, who had axed 59 bills in 1989, from his first-place perch.) It was also a marked change from George W. Bush’s governing style: Bush had never vetoed more than 37 bills in a year.

The dramatic gesture paid off.

via The Vetoes of Rick Perry – Katrina Trinko – National Review Online.

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