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Perry border security history (Links, Headlines)

Edit on August 4, 2015. Unfortunately, the Governor’s office links no longer work. Even “Archives” only cover Abbott’s tenure.


I’m still working on this list, adding older sources that are hard to find online.

Here is a great source, the Governor’s website page on “Border Security.”


Guard Activation Remarks

added to the number of National Guards at Texas Airports

Creation of the Governor’s Task Force on Homeland Security


Border Facilities Fund Announcement San Antonio

Governor used funds from his own office to institute Counter Terrorism training at the Port of Houston and another separate program to train state and local law enforcement.


Operation Border Star

Gov. Perry works with the 16-member Texas Border Sheriff’s Association to deter illegal immigration and prevent border-related crime – Creates ‘Operation Linebacker”


Perry: Texas National Guard on Schedule in Operation Jump Start

Perry Authorizes More Border Security Funding, Virtual Border Watch Program

Border cameras (overview)

Operation Rio Grande


Gov. Perry Announces Phase II of State-Led Border Security Operation

Sheriff Fears Texas Gov. Perry’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Push

Gov. Perry Praises Progress of Statewide Radio Communications Capabilities


Gov. Perry Expanding Operation Border Star – Sends Rangers, Guard to the Border

Texas Rangers’ deployment to Mexico border a military-style effort

Video “They’ve gotta practice somewhere.”

Brownsville video on strategic fencing

Gov. Perry Announces Highly Skilled Ranger Recon Teams as Texas’ Latest Efforts to Enhance Border Security; Urges federal government to approve request for National Guard resources along border


National Guard Arrives in Texas Aug. 1

Texas Republicans protest plan to move National Guard troops off the border

Governor Perry’s Letter to Barack Obama

Federal Government Must Take Action To Prevent Spillover Violence from Mexico Requests Predator Drones and National Guard Troops along Border

Governor’s Perry’s Homeland Security Strategic Plan for Texas, 2010 – 2015 (pdf)

Gov. Perry Releases Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Gov. Perry Orders Activation of First Phase Of Texas Spillover Violence Contingency Plan


President Obama extends National Guard deployments along Texas-Mexico border

Perry Tours Border With Greta van Susteren

National Public Radio, “Texas Governor Wages Own Battle Along Border”

Some angry Texans are stuck south of the barrier

Texas Senate to the Feds: Pay for Border Security

Gov. Perry Adds Sanctuary Cities to Special Session Call

Gov. Rick Perry on House Passage of House Bill 12

Gov. Perry Takes a Major Step in Securing the Integrity of the Electoral Process;
Signs legislation requiring voters to present photo ID at polling places

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry Regarding Sanctuary City Legislation

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