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Just yuck! An evening with MSNBC

I’m tempted to say, “Never again!,” but I try to never say never.

I’m staying in a hotel while volunteering with the Rick Perry Iowa Strike Force, so I don’t know the local TV channels. While clicking through to see what was on, I paused at MSNBC. I’ve never watched at all except for clips on YouTube and assumed that both those clips and the Saturday Night Live parodies of Maddow show were atypical exaggerations. Nope, not if tonight is typical.

Every charge I’ve ever heard or read about Fox News is made concrete on this horrible channel. The Ed (Schultz) Show and Rachel Maddow (look ‘em up yourself, I refuse to link to them) are bitterly clinging to unions, abortion, and the far Left in all its forms.

For instance, Schultz featured a man who claims that Mitt Romney killed American Pad and Paper (AmPad) after Romney’s Bain Capital, purchased AmPad in 1992. The man, who now works for the United Steelworkers in Pennsylvania, also told ABC News in this interview that when the company started losing money, benefits for the “workers” were cut, so the union went on strike. He takes no responsibility for the damage that the strike might have had on a business under stress.

Maddow focused part of her rants on Governor Rick Perry’s recent comments about a change of heart on the ethics of abortion and the exceptions for rape and incest. She repeatedly claimed that Rick Perry would “force” pregnant women to have their rapist’s child. She ignores that the child is also that woman’s baby and seemingly doesn’t understand that government wouldn’t *force* anything on anyone. Instead, government would be preventing action on the part of licensed medical professionals using regulated and licensed material and procedures, not forcing action on anyone.

My two hours watching MSNBC reminded me of the line (variously attributed to Lenin and Sun Tzu), “Call your enemy what you are.”

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2 thoughts on “Just yuck! An evening with MSNBC

  1. At least they don’t lie like on Fox “news.”

    Posted by Ben Hoffman | December 29, 2011, 2:03 AM

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