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Legion II: “Liberty Movement” Monitored RPT Committee Members, Votes

My WingRight post about a group of delegates and the odd actions of one particular boy at the Republican Party of Texas 2012 Convention was published at Texas GOP Vote, also. There were interesting comments at both sites.

While I wasn’t surprised that there would be objections to my report, I was surprised to find that one man from SD 25/ CD 21 (where I cast my votes), who posted at Texas GOP Vote, claims that I was “monitored” by “the Liberty Movement” and/or Ron Paul supporters, along with “all” my votes on the Platform Committee. It seems I was good enough not to be challenged in my SD for Permanent Platform Committee member.

The group that wanted to video-tape the meetings weren’t quite so transparent themselves, were they?

If any group wants to make changes in the conservative Republican Party of Texas, they will have to do it the same way as all of the rest of us: make contributions of time and energy in order to build up and support, rather than tear down and undermine. The “Liberty Movement,” if it includes any move to change the legal definition of marriage or dismisses the scientific definition of the beginning of all organisms that reproduce sexually, is not Conservative.

“Expect us” to object to call for change in our core beliefs.

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