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Here’s a #TxSen…

From Texas Representative Debbie Riddle’s FaceBook comments on last night’s debate:

Just fininshed listening to the debate with Dewhurst and Cruz – We have 2 very good candidates – Dewhurst is not a lawyer – Cruz is a lawyer & it shows – he is great with words & debate. Dewhurst is a very successful businessman in the oil & gas business – started it from scratch. I know Dewhurst personally & he has served w/ me on the board of Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs out of Wash D.C. – I know he WILL stand strong for Israel & that is important – if we turn our back on Israel we are toast. I know Dewhurst knows how to make successful business decisions & has helped to make Texas the most business friendly & family friendly state in the nation. We need to elect someone who understands our military (David has served), we need someone who understands our need nationally for good national intelligence (David served in the CIA) We need someone who knows oil & gas (David is an oil & gas business owner) – David may not be as glib as his opponent – but he knows how to get the job done. Though both candidates are good – David Dewhurst has my vote.

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