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teDCruz Ruse #5: Attack @GovernorPerry for endorsing @DavidHDewhurst

Governor Rick Perry released the following statement last night in response to Ted Cruz’s false attacks:

“Earlier this evening Ted Cruz falsely characterized my rationale for endorsing my friend and conservative colleague David Dewhurst for the US Senate. David Dewhurst championed and passed multiple tax cuts, billions in spending cuts, major tort reform and strong pro-life measures. David will build on that Texas conservative success in the US Senate to overhaul Washington, block President Obama’s socialist agenda and restore the 10th amendment of the US Constitution. Making false statements about my motives or David Dewhurst’s conservative record is a disservice to Texas voters.”

via teDCruz Ruse #5: Ted Cruz attacks Gov. Rick Perry for endorsing David Dewhurst | Dewhurst for Texas.

Together, Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst worked to:

  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Pass 51 tax cuts for a savings of over $14.5 billion for Texas taxpayers
  • Pass the largest tax cut in Texas history
  • Pass Photo Voter ID
  • Pass landmark tort reform to make the trial lawyer agenda obsolete



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4 thoughts on “teDCruz Ruse #5: Attack @GovernorPerry for endorsing @DavidHDewhurst

  1. Beverly
    I am always amazed at how easy some people are willing to throw away their beliefs and common sense when they know a politician.

    What is it that leads you to believe that Dewhurst will fight for the 10th Amendment?

    He had a great chance to stop the Federal Government’s over stepping their authority but he chose to personally go to the floor of the senate and kill the TSA bill passed by the TX House. Yes I know that during special session it passed the Senate (but I believe there was a deal with Joe Straus to kill it in the House). David Dewhurst did not to stand and protect Texas and Texans from the Federal Government then and I doubt he will as a US Senator.

    Dewhurst could care less about the grass roots. I personally went to 6 or 7 Senate forums over the past year and the LT Governor would not attend any of them. He does not care what we the people think and is convinced that it is his turn and that his money and machinery will win him a seat in the most prestigious club in the country. (I was told by one of his other supporters that he did not want to give legitimacy to the other candidates and that is why he did not show up to the people’s forums.).

    You say he cut taxes 51 times but you fail to mention that he raised them 49 times. You do not mention that he was for a payroll tax (I read as Texas Income Tax).

    He lies looking straight at the camera and never blinks an eye. Did you hear him at convention tell us he passed the TSA bill and the Sanctuary City’s bill?

    He toots that he has balanced the budget and you know as well as I do that the 82nd legislature passed an 18 month budget not a 24 month budget. That they took money from the Rainy Day Fund to fix the 81st sessions faults (which Dewhurst was involved with as well).

    Sorry sweetie but David Dewhurst has proven he lies!

    He has proven he is not a friend of the Tea Party or the Grass Roots.

    He has not stopped the Federal Government from encroaching on Texas rights a s the LT Governor so what makes you think he will as the US Senator from Texas.

    Will Cruz do a better job?

    He may not have proven record on cutting taxes, but he has fought the Federal Government a number of times. He at least showed up to every Grass Roots/Tea Party forum that I was at (6 or 7 that I was at personally) and a bunch more and he took the hard questions. I did not always like his answers but at least he was there to give an answer.
    Dewhurst is so arrogant that he does not even show up after the debates to attend the questions and answer period. He is counting on his millions and those contributions he has extorted from people that had to give to his senate campaign because even if he loses in the US Senate race he will still hold the LT Governor position and can help or hurt the lobbyist that did or did not help him.

    Yes he is a powerful man in a powerful position, if he wins or loses the US Senate race, I understand that you may have to work with him in any case but please don’t cheapen yourself by trying to conscience your followers that he is anything but out for his own political interests.


    Posted by TJ Scott | June 23, 2012, 6:59 PM
    • J.T.,lots of assumptions about what people think and their underlying motives in your comment! Since that’s what Cruz did with his comment about Gov. Perry, I guess it’s appropriate.

      But the assumptions aren’t correct in my case, Sweetie.

      This is not the first post on WingRight about my switch from supporting Cruz to supporting Dewhurst- back when I hoped GovernorPerry would become President Perry. wish you’d read a few of them before criticizing my thought process and ethics. I have not “cheapened” myself in the least, but have done my homework rather than repeat negative “spin.”

      How many times have you gone to the Capitol to advocate for Bills?

      I’ve described following Gov. Dewhurst around the halls, being part of meetings in his office to bring together factions separated by just a few pet words (sound familiar after the Platform Committee?) with the goal of getting a good bill to the floor for a vote, and days and days over the years of sitting in the Gallery, waiting for the Senate and/or House to adjourn so Committee meetings can begin. There’s no better education about the process and the people than waiting from 8 in the morning until 3 or 4 the next morning for a chance to testify. You can watch the Legislators, their staffs, the various supporters of issues and the Parliamentary procedure, at least as long as you can stay awake Most of the time, the problems came from the House, not the Senate, BTW.

      I was at the Capital in ’03, when the Senate Dems ran away, and even visited them in New Mexico for one weekend. Dewhurst never gave an inch on their demands.

      I’ve seen Gov. Dewhurst at Prolife rallies and TAL banquets, in Iowa to support Gov. Perry in that State’s caucus, and at Republican Women Meetings over the years, including last Nov.’s TFRW biennial convention. He was here in New Braunfels a while ago for a NBRW meeting.

      Now, Cruz, himself, admitted in New Braunfels that the “payroll tax” is in reality a hundred years old business tax and that he knows that General Abbott successfully defended against the claim that it is an income tax on businesses, in front of the Supreme Court last Fall.

      The TSA and Sanctuary Bills came up in a year when no one tho’t that anything other than redistricting and the budget would pass. Instead, we got Voter ID, Sonogram, Loser Pays, a prohibition on driver’s licenses for illegals, double the border security budget, deportation for felon illegals after they’ve served their time, redistricting maps, and came within hours of passing the Budget. Windy Wendy Davis was able to block the latter with a few hours of filibuster, in part due to the LG’s calling for a vote to suspend the rules on the last day to vote on the TSA Bill. Rep. Debbie Riddle is adamant that in both sessions, the reason these bills did not pass to engrossment is because of the House, not the Senate. See Saturday’s post on her endorsement of Dewhurst.

      As to all those “debates:” most of them were really just opportunities for two minute speeches. Where the LG didn’t make true debates, you ought to look at the calendar and notice how often those coincided with Governor Perry’s trips out of State in his bid for President. I’ve pointed out that the September, 2011 Austin RW meeting took place during the Bastrop wildfire crisis, when Gov. Dewhurst was Acting Governor in Governor Perry’s absence. He also runs a multi-million dollar oil and gas business that he built from nothing during the bad days for that industry in the 80’s and 90’s.

      The budget is legal; the Comptroller, Attorney General, and Governor signed off on it. There are signs that The hoped-for improvement in Texas revenue and budget austerity -as well as lower healthcare costs when Obamacare is overturned – will cover anticipated shortfalls.

      The post debate press conference last Friday is a perfect example why candidates shouldn’t stick around, as though an hour long Question and answer period weren’t enough. Cruz allowed himself to be goaded into that very unwise comment about Governor Perry’s motives.

      It’s also false to accuse, as Cruz has done, that I support Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst out of some fear that I won’t be able to advocate for pro-life and traditional medical ethics issues in the future. Senator Hutchison in Washington and Senator Wentworth in Austin have been hostile to me and my positions for years, and it hasn’t stopped me, yet.

      Posted by bnuckols | June 24, 2012, 9:10 AM
      • Beverly,

        I have great respect and admiration for you and the work you do to fight for the rights of the unborn and medical ethics.

        Since we spent those three grueling days working on the platform togeather, I think you pretty much know my heart, and I will gladly fight side by side with you when I agree with your beliefs, but we are on oppisite sides on the U.S. senate race.

        I truly believe that David Dewhurst is an establishment candidate that will go along to get along if he gets to DC, and although Ted Cruz was not my first choice for the job (Lela never had a chance and neither did Glenn Addison), he is my first choice now that he is running head to head against the LT Governor.

        I think Dewhurst has lied about a number of things in his record.

        I have testified only a handful of times in front of House and Senate committees and I am sure that when you do it you are much more articulate and are listened to because of your long envolvment, but I have waited for 12 hours to get to talk my 3 minutes a number of times.

        Dewhurst talks to you because you are a somebody. He does not talk to me because I am a nobody. He does not make himself available to talk to just anyone. If you are not important to him and cannot do something to help him you are not importatnt to him, and I believe that is why he did not come to the grassroots forum and the other 10 or so candidates did.

        I know that Debby Riddle said it was not Dewhurst’s fault that the TSA bill did not pass. I disagree with her on this issue as well. He killed the bill after the house passed it in regular session and for you or anyone else to try and rewrite history is wrong and a plain, boldfaced lie.

        I will gladly support you in other arenas, but we will just have to agree to disagree on this race.


        Posted by TJ Scott | June 24, 2012, 2:28 PM
        • I’m not a “somebody,” or KBH and Wentworth would talk to me.

          Dewhurst listens to people I trust, and knows I work hard with those people. I’ve already listed just some of the results Dewhurst has accomplished. That Sonogram bill was passed with 2 Dems, and without Wentworth,

          Perhaps it’s also because I don’t accuse people like Debbie Riddle of writing a “plain, boldfaced lie.”

          Which bill would you have bumped aside for TSA or Sanctuary Bills?

          Posted by bnuckols | June 24, 2012, 2:39 PM

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