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Have we in the Republican Party really come so low that we only look at charisma and ethnicity? is a long time online and very left leaning news site. Today, the article by David Wiegle,  “The Inescapable Logic of Nominating Ted Cruz for Senate” proves that they don’t think very highly of Republicans, especially Conservative Republicans.

…Only toward the end of the editorial do we get some sound logic for Cruz.

“[A]s the Houston-raised son of a Cuban immigrant, he is proof positive that the American dream is very much alive and well — if in desperate need of defenders within the political system. Mr. Cruz can provide that defense in a way that Mr. Dewhurst simply is not equipped to do.”

Ah, there we go. Cruz is 42 and Hispanic. Dewhurst is 66 and white.

So there you have it: This man believes that a “white man” in his 60’s can’t represent the American Dream, no matter his humble beginnings and his own evidence that the American Dream of success is possible.

I don’t believe the bulk of Conservatives have reached that point, yet. The trouble is that a lot of our Party members are young and/or just got out of their recliners to join in our electoral process. They are vulnerable to the loudest and most brash of our “leaders” who deceive them about the process and possibilities of legislative elective office.

The fact is that inertia is built into the system of Government, both at the State (especially) at the Federal level. Most of the time that’s a good thing!

David Dewhurst knows the ins and outs of government, he can balance budgets, convince men and women to form coalitions and get things done. Most of all, he knows how to move that inertia we call Government to success as in ‘The Texas Miracle.” (The year-round Senate in DC will probably seem too much, too long to him.)
Please consider voting for David Dewhurst for US Senator from the great State of Texas!




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One thought on “ on “The Inescapable Logic of Nominating Ted Cruz for US Senate

  1. I don’t spend a lot of time on Slate and never have since they got their editor off the wrong side of crossfire. I want Ted Cruz to be my next Senator, but that does not mean I don’t respect David Dewhurst’s American Dream Story, I think David Dewhurst had as much if not more of the American Dream with a single mother and then thru his hard work becoming a millionare (I think it is great he is a millionare, wish I was one myself).

    For me the biggest mistake David Dewhurst made in this campaign for Senate is his aloofness, his belief that he is better than me and the rest of the voters. He refused to show up to grassroots forums and I think he thought it was his turn to be senator and he did not have to work to get our votes. I believe he thought he could buy the race and he has tried to do just that and he may succeed at that tomorrow but I don’t think so.

    The second thing is he lies or if that is to strong of a word for you he constantly spins what he says. He killed the TSA Bill during the regular session, but instead of defending what he did he keeps saying I passed it in special session. He touts he balanced the budget, but they used so many accounting tricks to make it appear they balanced the budget the entire legislature should be Indicted for fraud. The budget is supposed to be for 2 years not 19 months.

    I think his misleading ads is what finally lost him the election. Cruz is a lawyer and every crooked judge and dishonest business man (from China or Austin) gets a lawyer, that is the American way, even OJ had Johnny Cochran. I can only hope that Senator Cruz will represent me in Washington the way he represented his clients in court.

    I know one thing, 24 hours from now it will be over, one way or the other and I hope that all of us can come togeather and beat Obama, retake the Senate and bolster our numbers in the House. We have fought this fight among ourselves long enough.


    Posted by TJ Scott | July 31, 2012, 1:42 AM

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