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Report on 2nd Presidential Debate, October 16, 2010

We had twenty good Republicans turn out to watch the Presidential Debate at the Comal County Republican Party Election Headquarters tonight.

I tweeted (@bnuckols) throughout the debate, (Twitter search, “#debates”) and read the new Dem talking points over and over and re-tweeted:

It turns out that calling “Latinos” “Hispanics,” is equivalent in the eyes of some to calling Black people, “Colored.”

According to a couple of Dems, it’s “racist” to use the word “illegals.” One even said that it’s racist for all races!

Several libs tweeted that the request for continued security in Libya was for Tripoli, not Bengazi Actually, wasn’t the security for the Ambassador and the staff?


Here’s some information you might find interesting:

From @EWErickson: “Here’s the Rose Garden transcript. President blamed a video, not terrorists.  || Attn @CANDYCROWLEY”

From me, Beverly Nuckols, MD ‏@bnuckols

“natural gas production on federal and Indian lands has steadily fallen, . . began around fall 2002.”  #debates

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