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Yuck factor: one man’s love affair with abortion

Why not love abortion?

Some people – many people – do experience what Leon Kass called the “Yuck factor.” For example, who wouldn’t express an instinctive distaste for the promotion of intentional, interventional and elective abortion as something for men to celebrate and the Roe v. Wade decision as an object of love?

“If they had guts,” Gutfeld said, “they would have said a child saying ‘Hi, Mom, I would have respected your right to abort me.’ ” [on Fox’s The Five Disgusted By ‘Tasteless’ And ‘Insensitive’ Ad Celebrating Roe V. Wade’s 40th Anniversary, (as reported by Mediaite).]


Believe it or not, this ad is not a spoof. It is a genuine effort by a well-funded pro-abortion campaign that includes Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon. The “Public Service Announcement” featuring Mehcad Brooks, a TV actor, is intended to show a man’s love of and intention to “stand by” and “fight” for elective abortion on demand.

The Center for Reproductive Rights has removed this video from their site, but for the time being, it can be seen on YouTube, Midiaite and other sites, such as ad also disappeared from the Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of the story.

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