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DPS Director Responds to Letter on Security Report | The Texas Tribune

File under “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Officers simply gave visitors the choice to throw away their goods and come in or to take them away and leave, he said. No arrests were made, and no jars were confiscated.

via DPS Director Responds to Letter on Security Report | The Texas Tribune.

Similarly, most of the people who were detained before the night of July 12th were released by police at the Capitol exit door, and allowed re-entry. At least 5 who were arrested for disrupting a House session on July 10th, were released without charges and within 5 hours, according to the Houston Chronicle, when the Magistrate found “insufficient probable cause.” What does that say about Austin/Travis County justice system, that a DPS can arrest a woman, that there are videos all over the ‘Net, and yet the Magistrate can’t find “probable cause?”

Update: one of those women arrested on July 12th was one of the 5 released on the 10th, also according to the Houston Chronicle.

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