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ObamaCare isn’t answer for Texas #MakeDCListen

President Obama and all of his appointed Secretaries and czars, most certainly his White House staff, with their high salaries, ought to be forced to accept a “Bronze Plan” on the Federal health care exchange, with either the regular or no Federal subsidy.

While it appears that Obama and the Senate Dems have no intention of compromising, I hope that Republicans win the one year delay – but Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebellius says ObamaCare will go into effect tomorrow, even if the government shuts down.

ObamaCare is certainly not the answer for my State of Texas. Like the rest of the Country Texans have already started paying increased taxes to pay for a scheme that will help no one until January 1, 2014. Even then, it will hurt many and help very few.

75% of Texans are insured or at least were until this year. They are already worse off under ObamaCare, with higher premiums, higher taxes, and an increased risk of paying taxes on the insurance they do have.

The great majority of uninsured won’t be better off under ObamaCare: a)1/3 to 1/4 of uninsured in Texas are illegal aliens, b) Half of the uninsured in Texas make over $50K a year, c) Texas voters have decided that we won’t expand Medicaid to healthy adults without children who aren’t subjected to any means testing other than annual income.

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