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Perry endorses Cruz for 2016

I still haven’t made up my mind and I’m waiting to see how those objections and lawsuits concerning whether Cruz qualifies as a “Natural Born Citizen.” However, the endorsement from Governor Perry is a strong mark in Senator Ted Cruz’ favor:


“I wanted to talk about him, who he was, see if I could get a handle on Ted Cruz the man, not Cruz the caricature I’d seen through the political lens. What I found was a very different person than what I had been led to believe.”


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2 thoughts on “Perry endorses Cruz for 2016

  1. Can’t like it. Governor Perry endorsed Cruz as the ‘only conservative who can beat Trump’. He’s bought into the hype. I won’t. He’s just opening himself up to being back stabbed by Cruz again. I still have my doubts on where that lawsuit came from in the first place.

    Posted by MarlaHughes | January 25, 2016, 12:36 PM

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