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21st Century Conservative Movement

Should our focus be on spreading our ideals and growing  the 21st Century Conservative movement or on the deficiencies of the current government? Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz made good showings in South Carolina, but neither was able to beat Donald Trump. Contrast the positive, inclusive, forward-looking message from Marco Rubio with the negative, divisive, backward-looking messages from Cruz and Trump.
Rubio’s speech was inclusive, about the Presidency and the future of the country and conservatives. He spoke of “new beginnings and fresh starts”:
“”Ronald Reagan made us believe that it was morning in America again, and it was. Now, the children of Reagan are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. . . Those of us who grew up when it was morning in America and Ronald Reagan was in the White House are ready to do for the next generation what Ronald Reagan did for ours!””
Although Cruz said he looked forward to debating the  “Socialist” the Democrats nominate, he didn’t divide the country into liberals vs. conservatives, statists vs. small government individuals.  With his remarks mocking “those screams across the Potomac (from) the Washington cartel,” Cruz divided voters into the “Washington power brokers” and the “grassroots.”  This is fine for Republican voters, and is the same classification Donald Trump named in his speech.
In fact, Trump and Cruz seem to be competing for the same voters: those who aren’t happy with the status quo in the Federal government.
Marco Rubio wants those voters, too. But he invited a wider audience to join him: the single mother and the father working two jobs who want a better future for their children, as well as the struggling student who knows that God created him for greater things than people around him tell him he’s destined for. 
Rubio reminded us that our 21st Century Conservative movement values haven’t changed: “limited government, free enterprise, and a strong national defense . . . we still celebrate success” and people “who work hard and moved ahead.” 21st Century Conservative movement also fights “for those still trying to make it.” He pointed to the people on the stage with him tonight as examples of “Twenty First Century conservatives” and proof that the American dream of Reagan conservatives still is possible.

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2 thoughts on “21st Century Conservative Movement

  1. I am pretty much with Rick Perry on this Presidential race and supporting the candidate that Rick endorsed and is campaigning for!

    I could never support the pro AMNESTY candidate you are supporting!

    Posted by TJ Scott | February 21, 2016, 1:07 AM
    • Well, TJ, that was then, this is now.

      3 years ago, Rubio supported a Bill that laid out a path to citizenship, but that was not “amnesty.” since it involved fines, conditions, and time frames, rather than blanket automatic legal status.. Rubio has since confirmed that the emphasis should have been on border control and much less on the legalization.

      And if we’re going to rehash old business, Cruz should explain his editorial in the Wall Street Journal, co-authored with Paul Ryan, just last year, saying the TPA would give Congress power.

      I don’t follow anyone other than Jesus blindly and tend to think things out, especially as I write these posts. Your reactions are always over the top emotional. I suppose because your attraction to Cruz is long-standing, but based more on your history than on that one Bill, in 2013.

      But lets don’t talk about 3 years ago or last year.

      I’ve laid out a good argument, here – or, rather, Senator Rubio has. This is about the future, and conservative values of family, limited government, and a strong national defense.

      Posted by bnuckols | February 21, 2016, 3:59 PM

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