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Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorses Cruz for President

Huge endorsement from Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott. This is one I had been wondering about.

In a video announcing the endorsement, Abbott said,

“Unlike far too many in Washington, the Ted Cruz we’ve seen in the Senate is the same Ted Cruz we elected and he’s the same Ted Cruz I served with when I was attorney general,” Abbott said.

I was very impressed and very proud of Ted Cruz back in 2009, on the day when Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she would run one more time as Texas’ Senator. Within minutes, Cruz withdrew his bid for Attorney General, rather than run against General Abbott. Although later I became opposed to his campaign tactics, that moment showed integrity.

( I’m just barely cynical enough to think it also showed good political sense. In fact, that only just occurred to me. Doggone it! I want to believe it was character, not simply savvy politics.)

Cruz needs mentoring – to *accept mentoring* – from both Governor Perry, who has also endorsed Cruz,  and from Governor Abbott. I hope that he will.

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One thought on “Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorses Cruz for President

  1. Abbott was/is Cruz’s mentor for years. Hired him as Solicitor General and then sent him out to hunt down cases that would raise the profile of their office nationally. IMO already grooming him to run for President. Would have been nice if he had waited for Governor Perry to run. Don’t get me started on that. I know a few things.

    Posted by MarlaHughes | February 28, 2016, 9:12 PM

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