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Woke after 28 years

Proof once again that our most important elections are decided by the least knowledgeable. – the “undecideds.”

The Christian Post has an editorial explaining why the author is voting for the first time in 28 years: she has decided she must vote against President Trump because she blames him for the deaths of black men at the hands of police officers.

I’d like to challenge the author to fact check her assumptions by taking a look at the issue from President Trump’s side. I wonder whether she’s even considered arguments from the other side. (Or whether she can even find any.)

A good place to start is to identify who is responsible for the looting, vandalism, and violence against police officers and civilians.

How could President Trump be responsible for the riots in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014?

Or, take a look at this week in Philadelphia. Who caused business owners to scramble to board up their stores in the middle of the night – President Trump & the Proud Boys or Harris/Biden, antifa, & BLM?

For the rest of us, it should be our mission today to educate & edify at least one unknowing undecided.

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