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Election Day Ad And Political Video

I love Morgan Freeman’s voice, but not this ad so much. While neutral on the surface, it politicizes COVID-19, a viral pandemic that is surging not just in the US, but in Europe & the UK as well. If Macron of France & Merkel of Germany can’t “shut down the virus,” no US President is likely to, either.
However, what’s really sad is that the separate video at the top of the page presents one politically motivated distortion after another as fact.
This is politics, 60 years after Martin Luther King, Jr. told us about his dream, after the Civil Rights Act was passed into law, a short time after record low unemployment numbers for all Americans, and after Historically Black College funding was boosted by President Trump.
Let’s look at the low income housing quotas in suburban neighborhoods. The Trump Administration fought to *remove* prohibitions on low income housing through local zoning laws, but also opposed Obama errands Whose land would be taken so which single-family homes would have multi-story complexes mandated to be built next door? Will property values of homes, the major investment of most families, be affected? Will decisions about building be made because of need or sound finance, or because of bureaucratic, top-down Federal government interference in what had been local zoning decisions?
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