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Sorry, @TheBabylonBee, even you aren’t this good!

Note that the Hummer is parked in front of “Big Brother!”

(Update, here 7 PM AST)

Do you believe this one? It’s either a (dare I say “CIA?” “Deep State?”) Left-wing attempt to implicate “QAnon,” the result of a HUGE overdose of testosterone and anabolic steroids sufficient to cause psychosis, or a spoof.

I prefer the latter, but let’s face it: one guy worked for the City of Chesapeake, Virginia.

I’d arrest them on suspicion, based on displaying the flag, alone!

Reported by CNN, based on a local TV news story,

Investigators say Lamotta was wearing a Beretta handgun in plain view and Macias was concealing another.

“He had a Beretta .40 caliber pistol under his jacket and a Virginia conceal and carry permit. The state of Pennsylvania does not recognize handgun permits from Virginia, so he was also taken into custody,” Outlaw said.

The article hits every boogey-man Right-wing myth the Left tell their parents (Lord knows they don’t have kids to terrify) to justify antifa.

  1. Guns
  2. Silver Hummer
  3. Guns!
  4. US Flag attached to the Hummer
  5. Guns and a flag!
  6. Heavily armed
  7. Guns!
  8. Reporter quoted Philadelphia Police Commissioner “Outlaw
  9. Three (3) Guns!
  10. QAnon hat found in Hummer
  11. Guns!
  12. QAnon sticker on rear window
  13. More than one gun!
  14. The Hummer is parked in front of “Big Brother!”
  15. Handgun guns!
  16. Attempted Delivery of Fake Ballots
  17. “AR-type rifle” Gun!
  18. Did I mention that the men were ” heavily” armed?

Twitter report here,

Evidence enough.

I love the BabylonBee, @TheBabylonBee, but even they can’t make stuff up that’s this good!

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