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Comal County Precinct 4 Sample Ballot 2014

Don’t forget your photo ID!

Precinct 4 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_1Precinct 4 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_2

Comal County Precinct 3 Sample Ballot 2014

Don’t forget your photo ID!

Precinct 3 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_1Precinct 3 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_2

Comal County Precinct 2 Sample Ballot

Don’t forget your picture ID!

Precinct 2 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_1 Precinct 2 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_2

2014 Sample Ballot Comal County Precinct 1

Precinct 1 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_1Precinct 1 Sample Ballot with Write-in Candidates_Page_1

Comal County 2014 General Election Early Voting Locations

Early voting for the 2014 General Election is October 20 – 31 — Take your picture ID and vote Republican!!!

Here are the Comal County Early Voting Locations:

Main Location: Comal County Elections Office
178 Mill St. Ste. 101
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Oct 20-24: 8am – 5pm
Oct 25: 7am-7pm
Oct 26: 11am-5pm
Oct 27-31: 7am-7pm

Temporary Branch Early Voting Locations for this election:

Bulverde/Spring Branch Library – 131 Bulverde Crossing,
Bulverde, TX 78163
Oct 20-24: 8am-5pm
Oct 25: 7am-7pm
Oct 26: 11am-5pm
Oct 27-31: 7am-7pm

CRRC Building – 1909 FM 2673, Canyon Lake, TX 78133
Oct 20-24: 8am-5pm
Oct 25: 7am-7pm
Oct 26: 11am-5pm
Oct 27-31: 7am-7pm

Garden Ridge City Hall – 9400 Municipal Parkway, Garden Ridge, TX 78266
Oct 20-22: 8am-5pm
Oct 23: 8am-4:30pm
Oct 24: 8am-5pm
Oct 25: 7am-7pm
Oct 26: 11am-5pm
Oct 27: 7am-5pm
Oct 28-31: 7am-7pm

Innuendo in a Glass House

Chan MailerElisa Chan – whose former staffer recorded and released her statements about homosexuals to the San Antonio press – has sent out a giant 9″ by 12″ postcard full of innuendo and unsubstantiated rumors that Texas State Senator from District 25, Donna Campbell, had problems with her staff during the 83rd Legislature. Chan’s problem is that Campbell’s former staff members are not talking – or releasing audiotape.

Chan’s mailer also claims that Senator Campbell and her family have not “moved to” the District and have a “Homestead” near Houston. That is false: I visited the home she rents in New Braunfels in 2010 and several times since. The Campbell family, like so many in the last few years, hasn’t been able to buy a new home because they have been unable to sell their old house. A little bit of research allowed me to check the County tax records on that house. They don’t claim a “homestead exemption.”

Yes, Elisa Chan is different:

Chan Donation

Vote for Donna Campbell for Texas State Senate, District 25!

My Endorsements

John Cornyn, US Senate

Lamar Smith, CD 21 –


Gregg Abbott, Governor

David Dewhurst, Lt. Governor

Donna Campbell, Tx Senate, 25

Ken Paxton for Attorney General

Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner

Sid Miller for Agricultural Commissioner

Nathan Hecht, Jeff Brown and Phil Johnson for the Texas Supreme Court


In Comal County, I hope you will vote for Jeanne Slupik for Commissioner, Precinct 4, and for Cherie Perez for District Clerk.

I’ve also been posting about (against) Katrina Pierson, who is running against Sessions, using her anti-family, anti-“social issue” comments on Twitter from 2012.

Lies, Damned Lies and “ScoreCards”

It takes a long time to write the hard posts, so I’ve been putting this one off for a while. But with Primary season off and running, conservative groups are turning on conservative legislators and using political “score cards” to attack.

Let’s start with the most manipulated “scorecard” of all, especially now that someone else has stepped up to explain so much better than I ever could.

Texas Right to Life, the organization which was criticized by the Texas Catholic Conference for their “misstatements and fabrications” concerning HB303 and HB 1444, continues to make up whatever they wish, this time with their arbitrary  “Legislative Scores.” Their scorecard is so “Unconventional” and “perplexing” that it prompted the following letter, signed by all the Texas Catholic Bishops:

December 9, 2013

The Honorable Dan Huberty Texas House of Representatives P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78768

Dear Representative Huberty:

I am writing at the behest of the Roman Catholic Bishops of Texas to share their concerns about a recent “pro-life scorecard” released by Texas Right to Life (TRTL). This “scorecard” purports to declare which Texas legislators are “pro-life” based on a selective number of votes during the 83rd Legislative Session.

Unfortunately, the unconventional methodology and subjective scoring of the TRTL scorecard produced a number of perplexing results–including assigning low scores to pro-life lawmakers who have worked long and hard to protect and preserve life.

As you know, the Texas Catholic Conference does not use scorecards. Instead, our bishops encourage parishioners to fully form their consciences through prayer and education about issues. Scorecards are a poor substitute for that level of thoughtful policy engagement. Perhaps the most faulty implication of the scorecard is that, in its current form, it casts the tradition of Catholic teaching as being insufficiently pro-life–which is a patently absurd notion. TRTL does not have license to publicly define who is sufficiently pro-life or not.

Some legislative scorecards, when created objectively and appropriately, can be informative. If not, they stop being about informing the public and become more about advancing political agendas, with the unfortunate result that some citizens end up being misled about the issues and misinformed about the voting records of their legislators.

The recent TRTL scorecard selected only three bills (and assorted amendments) to calculate the scores out of the thousands of bills considered during the 83 rd Legislative Session. Several pro-life bills were excluded from consideration. For example, the TRTL scorecard did not include or minimized support for bills that would have prohibited abortion coverage from insurance plans provided in the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchanges (HB 997); prohibited sex selection abortions (HB 309); strengthened parental rights to reduce judicial bypass for teen abortions (HB 3243); or criminalized coerced abortions (HB 3247). All these proposals were unquestionably pro-life, yet were not scored equitably on the TRTL scorecard.

As a result of this selective vote counting, several legislators, who have spent their careerscommitted to pro-life issues, were said to “reject opportunities to protect the sanctity of innocent human life” when that is clearly not the case. For example, Senator Bob Deuell was responsible for requiring abortion facilities to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers (SB 537)—a key provision of the landmark prolife legislation that ultimately passed during the Special Session. However, the TRTL political action committee gave him no credit for authoring this pro-life bill. In another instance, State Rep. Bill Callegari was given no credit for his authorship of the parental rights bill (HB 3243).

The method by which the scores were assigned was haphazard and confusing. Some legislators were awarded more points than others for the same legislative action, while other legislators’ contributions were completely ignored. For example, Rep. Jodie Laubenberg and Rep. John Smithee both authored pro-life bills during the session, but Laubenberg was awarded 25 points for authorship of HB 2, while, Smithee was awarded only six points for authoring another pro-life bill that sought to remove abortion coverage in the insurance exchanges. In another example, Rep. Tracey King, who voted against both pro-life omnibus bills (HB 2 and SB 5) received a higher pro-life score than Rep. J. D. Sheffield, who voted FOR both HB 2 and SB 5.

Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. was not scored as pro-life, despite his co-sponsoring and voting for HB 2 and SB 5 and twice crossing party lines to be the final necessary vote to suspend Senate rules and debate on these bills.

What was most troubling to the Texas Catholic Bishops was that the scorecard appears to attack those legislators who supported perhaps one of the most pro-life bills during the 83rd session: protecting individuals and families at the end of life by reforming the Texas Advance Directives Act. Advance directives reform not only would have given families more tools to protect their loved ones at the end of life, but would have provided conscience protections to medical providers to refuse inflicting burdensome and unnecessary procedures on patients. The advance directives law would have changed current law to:

 prohibit the involuntary denial of care to critically ill patients, including food and water;

 prevent doctors from making unilateral “Do Not Attempt Resuscitation” orders without consulting families; and,

 require treating all patients “equally without regard to permanent physical or mental disabilities, age, gender, ethnic background, or financial or insurance status.”

The advance directives reform bill was a moral and compassionate approach to end-of-life care that was opposed by TRTL, but supported by a broad coalition of groups, including the Texas Catholic Conference, the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, the Texas Alliance for Life, the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, the AARP, the Texas Pro-Life Action Team, the Texas Conservative Coalition, and the Catholic Hospital Association of Texas. Advance directives reform was important to the Catholic Church–and to many legislators–because we recognize human life as a gift from God that is innately sacred–from conception to natural death. We have taken this position after much reflection to ensure that the law respects the natural dying process.

The implication to be drawn from this scorecard is that TRTL opposed the advance directives reform bill, and appears to have taken to punishing those pro-life legislators who disagreed with them by inaccurately casting them as not being sufficiently pro-life. That is plainly inaccurate.

In the case of the advance directives reform bill, legislators who supported the law were strongly pro-life; they merely opposed the TRTL’s position. These are not necessarily the same thing. It is unfortunate that so many members who continue to fully stand for life are being attacked for doing just that. We hope that this letter has clarified what would otherwise have remained an unfair and confusing characterization.


Jeffery R. Patterson Executive Director

Planned Parenthood, big abortion and the battle to save lives in Texas | Fox News

[R]emind me again why pro-abortion activists want healthy five-month pregnant women to abort their healthy child in dirty, unsafe abortion clinics?

via Planned Parenthood, big abortion and the battle to save lives in Texas | Fox News.

Thank your Texas Senators for a Good Bill!

From Texas Alliance for Life:

Texas Senate Passes Pro-Life SB 303 to Help Families
Protect Loved Ones Near the End of Life
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Sen. Donna Campbell M.D. Deserve Thanks!
April 24, 2013
Dear Larry and Beverly:
Very good news! Last week the Texas Senate passed SB 303, a strong pro-life bill that will change current law to help families protect their loved ones near the end of life. Supported by pro-life Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and authored by Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville), the full Senate passed SB 303 on a decisive 24-6 vote.
Your Texas state senator, Sen. Donna Campbell M.D., voted to support SB 303, a pro-life vote. Please thank Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Sen. Campbell for their support. See sample messages below.
SB 303 is strongly supported by broad coalition of pro-life and provider organizations including Texas Alliance for Life, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, and the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission. 
Voting for SB 303 were: Campbell, Carona, Davis, Deuell, Duncan, Ellis, Eltife, Estes, Fraser, Garcia, Hinojosa, Huffman, Lucio, Nelson, Nichols, Rodriguez, Schwertner, Seliger, Uresti, Van de Putte, Watson, West, Whitmire, and Zaffirini.Voting against SB 303 were: Hancock, Hegar, Patrick, Paxton, Taylor, and Williams. Senator Brian Birdwell was absent.


Among the many changes to current law that SB 303 will make.

  • Prevents secret DNAR orders (“Do Not Attempt Resuscitation”). Current law allows doctors to order DNARs without even notifying the patient or family.
  • Prevents the involuntary denial of food and water, except in extreme circumstances when the treatment would harm the patient or hasten his or her death.
  • Increases the time of the dispute resolution process from 12 to 28 days when a family and patient disagree about appropriate end of life care.
  • Significantly limits the class of patients to whom the dispute resolution process can be applied.
  • Requires doctors and hospitals to treat all patients “equally without regard to permanent physical or mental disabilities, age, gender, religion, ethnic background, or financial or insurance status.”
  • Preserves conscience protections so physicians are not required to provide futile or harmful procedures indefinitely.

A great deal of false and misleading information about SB 303 has been spread by several groups, especially by one group in particular that is based in Houston. In response, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops issued a strongly-worded letter to set the record straight. Please see this:

See my earlier post about the rebuke TRTL received from the Texas Catholic Bishops Conference. – – and an even earlier explanation (long winded, I’m afraid) –

Edited 4/27/13 to add that last paragraph – BBN


Dr. Donna Campbell at San Antonio Tea Party

Big crowd!


Dr. Donna Campbell at San Antonio Tea Party

Big crowd!



Obama Gives $13 Million Grant to Texas Planned Parenthood! @txprolife

We’ve all been hearing about the supposed “War on Women” by Conservative law makers – and, by extension, voters – in Texas. Well, President Obama and Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebellius just fired another shot in the war against Texas and State’s rights.

UPDATE: In an emailed statement, Texas Department of State Health Services spokeswoman Carrie Williams says that the agency just received notice that it will lose the Title X grant and is “reviewing the information to get a sense of the full impact.” The agency hopes the transition is smooth and the provider base remains strong, she wrote.
EARLIER: The federal government has pulled from the state of Texas millions in family planning funding, granting the money instead to a coalition led by the Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas, which says it can serve a greater number of women with the available funds.
For more than four decades, federal Title X funding has been dedicated to funding family planning services and covering clinics’ infrastructure costs. The funds are generally granted to providers (like Planned Parenthood) and/or to state health agencies. In Texas since 1980, the majority of the funding has been administered by the Department of State Health Services — roughly $18 million in 2012, for example; since 2009, DSHS has been the sole grantor of Title X funds.

(Edit, maybe it’s only half of that.)

A Little History

Before this year, Federal tax dollars came back to Texas in two major funds: the Women’s Health Program and Family Planning, or Title X funds. Texas “matched” a certain amount and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services administered the dispersion of the money. Because the money paid for or freed up other funds for staff, marketing, and “infrastructure” or office overhead, PP was helped to keep their abortion clinics running. The overall effect was that State matching tax dollars helped PP to funnel patients, if not dollars, to their abortion clinics.

Texas was forced to make severe Budget cuts across the board in 2011, including Family Planning funds. This led to prioritizing what little money we had:

“State lawmakers cut funding for family planning services by two-thirds in the last legislative session, dropping the two-year family planning budget from $111 million to $37.9 million for the 2012-13 biennium. They also approved a tiered budget system for family planning funds, which gives funding priority to public health clinics, such as federally qualified health centers and comprehensive clinics that provide primary and preventative care over clinics that only provide family planning services.”

Texas Tribune

Also, the State Legislature passed a law which said no Women’s Health Program funds would go to any affiliate of abortionists. Since PP is not found in rural or under served areas the way that public health clinics are (they are in big cities where there are many other providers of comprehensive care) and, since they are legally “affiliates” of the abortion facilities (often at the same address as their abortion clinics), they did not qualify for Texas tax funds.
Obama retaliated by first shutting down Women’s Health Program. And now, he and his are taking all Federal Family Planning funds out of the control of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

Senate panel OKs abortion bill requiring stricter standards – Houston Chronicle

One woman claimed that the standards shouldn’t be the same as an ambulatory surgical center because they do abortions on 9 year olds!

Minimal standards are considered too much by the abortion industry. They’ve fought every move to keep women and girls safe, and whip out those coat hangers every chance they get.

Women who have D&C’s after a miscarriage have them at a hospital or surgical center, not at in an office setting. But according to the abortionists, healthy mothers having abortions – or 9 year old girls – should be happy with a clinic setting.

AUSTIN – Abortion clinics would be required to meet stricter standards under a bill approved 5-2 by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Tuesday after emotional testimony over whether the measure would protect women’s health or risk it by causing clinics to close.

“My intent in filing this bill is only to protect Texas women who undergo this procedure,” said Sen. Bob Deuell, R-Greenville, who authored the measure with two fellow doctors, Republican Sens. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels and Charles Schwertner of Georgetown.

Planned Parenthood called the measure, Senate Bill 537, a “back-door abortion ban.”

via Senate panel OKs abortion bill requiring stricter standards – Houston Chronicle.

Meet the Candidates in Comal County races

Here are 3 opportunities to meet some of those people on the Republican ticket that I hope you will vote for:

Justice Bob Pemberton,Republican and incumbent candidate for the Third Court of Appeals, will be at a reception hosted by (my) Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Jan Kennady, on Wednesday, October 24 at the Emme Sealy Faust Library (Next to the Sophienburg Museum), 401 W. Coll St., New Braunfels, Texas, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Dr. Donna Campbell, the Republican candidate for Texas’ Senate District 25 will be at a reception and fundraiser in her honor hosted by the Guadalupe County Republican Women on Thursday, October 25, at Lake Breeze Ski Lodge, 225 Ski Lodge Road, McQueeney, TX, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Tickets are $50. There will be refreshments and a cash bar. Please RSVP to “Sue” at 830-305-0371.  

Susan Narvaiz, the Republican who is facing “Layoff Lloyd Doggett” in the new Congressional District 35, will be at the reception in her honor at Frieheit Country Store on Thursday, October 25, from 5 PM to 7 PM. The Freiheit is pronounced “fry height” and is located in New Braunfels, at 2157 FM 1101.


Comal County Early Voting

The first day of early voting in Comal County yielded double the voter turn out on the same day in 2008, with more than 3100 voters compared to 1700.

I voted on the second day, and was pleased to find that the Comal County Voting Center on Landa Street in New Braunfels was up to the task. The County has designed an efficient and organized Center, with fast moving lines and 3 stations set up to check in voters.

I cast my first “straight Party” ticket since 1992, today. The first “page of the electronic ballot offers the option to vote for one Party or the other, and a vote for Republicans took me through each page of all the candidates and offices, allowing me to review and view the names of each candidate I voted for and to see who I wasn’t voting for. I hope that those of you who are tempted to just vote the top of the ticket or for a few candidates will consider taking my endorsement of the Republican candidates all up and down the ballot, with the ease of the straight Party vote! You’ll get the well known candidates, like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Donna Campbell for SD 25, Susan Narvaiz for Congressional District 35 and Kevin Webb for Comal County Commissioner, Pct 3, and you also support judges like Scott Fields, Jeff Rose and Bob Pemberton!


No matter where you live in Comal County, or where your regular voting place is, you can cast your ballot at any of the early voting places or times. Here’s the early voting opportunities in Comal County:

• New Braunfels: 345 Landa, Suite 101. Oct. 23-26, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Oct. 27, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Oct. 28, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Oct. 29 — Nov. 2, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

• Canyon Lake: CRRC Community Center, 125 Mabel Jones Dr. Oct. 23-26, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Oct. 27, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Oct. 28, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Oct. 29 — Nov. 1, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Nov. 2, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

• Bulverde: Bulverde / Spring Branch Library, 131 Bulverde Crossing. Oct. 23-26, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Oct. 27, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Oct. 28, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Nov. 2, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Garden Ridge: City Hall, 9400 Municipal Parkway. Oct. 23-26, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Oct. 27, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Oct. 28, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Oct. 29 — Nov. 1, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Nov. 2, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Texas Medical Association @TexMed “Friendly Incumbent” rule

A fellow Texas Medical Association member asked me today how I felt about TexPAC – was it even worth giving them money and “what about their endorsements for judges?” He had been surprised to notice the TMA’s endorsement of some Democrat candidates after the Judicial endorsements caught his eye. (He even asked whether the list was just a pet of some of the more wealthy docs in the TMA.)

I explained that, while the TMA generally opposes ObamaCare, the Association unfortunately has what they call the “friendly incumbent” rule.  I also agreed that the policy doesn’t explain all of the choices on the TexPAC list. But for the most part, It’s virtually a given that the PAC endorses the incumbent in a race, even if the candidate doesn’t agree with the TMA on such vital issues as ObamaCare and the (Un-) Sustainable Growth Rate (“SGR”) or even the “RAC audits.” (“Recovery Audit Contractors” – *private* contractors who audit Medicare “providers” – doctors and hospitals, and earn more for finding more “fraudandabuse.”)

The policy – along with the heavy-handedness of some of the leaders of the PAC –  leads to such debacles as their mistaken endorsement of Jeff Wentworth, who opposed tort reform, over  Dr. Donna Campbell, the eventual winner (by a 2 to 1 vote!) of the Texas Senate District 25 Republican Primary,

I suggested that he include a note about his disagreements with the PAC in any check he writes in the future. As for this election, I advised my friend – who is very opposed to ObamaCare – to ignore any recommendation that didn’t have an “R” for “Republican” in front of the candidate’s name – especially when it comes to the candidates for our Third Court of Appeals: Scott Fields is a much better choice for conservative voters than the incumbent. (I could say the same about Congressional District 35, where I hope my neighbors will vote for Susan Narvaiz, rather than Layoff Lloyd Doggett.)

Donna Campbell receives mandate from SD 25 #TxSen #TxGOP

Texas Senate District 25 is Conservative, Pro-life & Pro-family! Donna Campbell wins 2:1 victory!!

Steve Hotze endorsed Donna Campbell

And high time, too! Finally, he does something right this election cycle. Oh, well, converts are rarely saintly, but we welcome them into the fold.

I’m Doctor Steve Hotze, President of Conservative Republicans of Texas, an organization dedicated to electing the most conservative, best qualified candidates to public office.

We are proud to endorse and support Dr. Donna Campbell for State Senator. Donna has proven to be a strong, conservative leader who will fight for lower taxes, government accountability, and traditional conservative values. Please take a moment to learn more about the Campbell campaign, and join me in supporting them in the upcoming July 31st Republican run-off.

Thank you.

Steve Hotze, MD
Conservative Republicans of Texas

Politifact Texas calls @DonnaCampbellTX tax scare “Pants on Fire!” #TxSen

Dr. Donna Campbell is in the runoff election  for Senate District 25 against pro-abort  “Hairy-legged male,” incumbent Jeffrey Earl Wentworth.

Hairy, uh, Jeff has pulled out some statement about the Fair Tax or Flat Tax that Donna may have made years ago,adds in some testimony about a Texas sales tax that Donna commented on other to say she’d consider it if it lowered taxes,  and claims that Dr. Campbell would back a 35% sales tax. Politifact Texas has evaluated that claim and not only is it “False,” it’s a “Pants on Fire’ lie.

Campbell, Wentworth in dogfight of a runoff for Senate

Just a reminder here about how important it is to vote in the July 31 Texas Primary Runoff, and to vote for Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25. Early voting is cool and begins Monday, July 23, going through July 27!

I’m inclined to say only one candidate is acting like a dog in this race. Donna has made it a policy to refrain from the low, personal attacks that went on between Wentworth and Elizabeth Ames Jones in the last 6 months.

But that didn’t stop Wentworth’s campaign from putting out a 28 page dossier on Dr. Campbell and her family, including a note about problems her now husband had 15 years before they married!

State Sen. Jeff Wentworth personally apologized to his GOP re-election opponent, Dr. Donna Campbell, for releasing opposition research regarding her husband that she called trashy, tawdry, sleazy and out of bounds.Wentworth called disclosure of a 1985 DWI conviction before their marriage a “regrettable incident” in the July 31 runoff campaign.But four days later, the same information was disseminated by the Wentworth campaign, a move seen as a desperate attempt to survive a vigorous challenge from tea party-backed Campbell.Welcome to Texas politics.

via Campbell, Wentworth in dogfight of a runoff for Senate – San Antonio Express-News.

NYT Article on @DonnaCampbell (Texas Senate District 25)

“We have a great grassroots movement, and that’s what did it.” Texas Tribune, June 22, 2012

That article by the TT was also published in the New York Times. Take a look!

The author points out that Dr. Campbell was out-spent by both of her opponents, but she garnered enough votes to win her place in the July 31, 2012 runoff against incumbent Jeff Wentworth.

Senator Wentworth is quoted in this article as saying he wants to consolidate support from those who don’t want SD 25 leadership to leave Bexar County, while at the same time he hopes to win over voters from outside of Bexar County.

The dichotomy is not that hard for Wentworth, who calls himself “pro-life” because he doesn’t approve of abortion in the 3rd trimester.  24 weeks or 6 months? During second trimester, abortion is just fine with Jeff.

Donna Campbell recognized by Governor at RPT Convention

You can watch the video at WFAA
Then, from my hometown paper, the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung:

Perry salutes Campbell at convention

From staff reports | Posted: Friday, June 8, 2012 11:25 pm

FORT WORTH — On Thursday, New Braunfels’ Donna Campbell made her first public appearance since her strong finish in the primary election, attracting the attention of Gov. Rick Perry at the Texas Republican Convention, her campaign said.

In a spontaneous exchange, cameras caught the governor, with reporters in tow, giving a congratulatory hug to Campbell after his keynote address.

“Donna, congratulations. Well done,” Perry told the New Braunfels physician and tea party favorite.

Campbell has received a lot of attention ever since her grassroots campaign upset Elizabeth Ames Jones in Senate District 25, her campaign said. She faces longtime incumbent Sen. Jeff Wentworth in a runoff on July 31.

“It’s exciting,” Campbell said of the experience. “To know people are rooting for you because they believe you can change the political culture and bring fresh ideas to government.”

Campbell received another warm welcome later in the day when she addressed the delegates of District 25 at a caucus meeting, her campaign said.



New “Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25” Ad

Saw this on the New Braunfels/San Antonio Time Warner cable, on Fox Sunday

Devore: How California’s budget blunders led to my divorce from the Golden State | Fox News

Chuck DeVore, former California Assemblyman has moved to Texas and sings our praises, while pointing out the pitfalls of statist California:

Texas’ bureaucracy, excluding teachers, is 22 percent smaller as a portion of the population than is California’s, with every Texan paying about $467 a year for government retiree benefits, compared to California’s $1,105 in pension costs. Sky-high benefits for bureaucrats may soon cause the bankruptcy of Stockton, California’s 13th-largest city.

California has more government paper-pushers but Texas has 17 percent more teachers per capita, with educational outcomes favoring the Lone Star State. In fact, Texas K-12 schools perform consistently above the national average across age, racial, and subject matter areas, while California schools perform well below the national average.

To support its bloated government, California asks more of its taxpayers who pay 10.6 percent of their income to state and local government, above the U.S. average of 9.8 percent. Texans pay only 7.9 percent.

via How California’s budget blunders led to my divorce from the Golden State | Fox News.

Voter Recommendations for All of Texas

Texas Alliance for Life has its Pro-life Voter Guide up and running. Enter your address program will produce a printable list of State and Federal Candidates that you can print and take with you to the polls or email to your friends. The site doesn’t capture your name or other identifying information, so you won’t end up on some list, somewhere. No annoying phone calls, etc.

(Yes, I’m a Board member of TAL. And yes, the organization is pro-life and pro-family. But have you noticed that the most fiscally and Constitutional Conservative politicians are also pro-life and pro-family?)

Here’s what happens when I put in my address:

The following pro-life candidates will appear on your 2012 Primary Election ballot and are endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life.* (Click on the candidates’ names below for more information at their campaign websites.)

It is your legal right to print and take this page into the booth when you vote.

United States Senator — David Dewhurst (R)
United States Representative, District 21 — Lamar Smith (R)
Railroad Commissioner — Warren Chisum (R)
Railroad Commissioner, Unexpired Term — Barry Smitherman (R)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2 — Don Willett (R)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4 — David Medina (R)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6 — Nathan Hecht (R)
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals — Sharon Keller (R)
Member, State Board of Education, District 5 — Ken Mercer (R)
State Senator, District 25 — Donna Campbell (R)
State Representative, District 73 — Doug Miller (R)
Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 2 — Jeff Rose (R)
Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 3 — Scott Field (R)
Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 5 — David Puryear (R)
Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6 — Bob Pemberton (R)
County Republican Chairman — Larry Nuckols (R)
For your reference, here is your county and district information:
County: Comal
U.S. Representative District: 21
State Senate District: 25
State Representative District: 73
State Board of Education District: 5

“CPR” for Texas from Dr. Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25,  has a new TV ad about her campaign, pointing out her plan for CPR for Texas: Conservative Principled Republicans.

There’s also a radio ad playing out there, somewhere, and this interview with Jack Riccardi on KSAT radio, 550 Am. 3464449.mp3

Wentworth and Jones voting records: “virtually indistinguishable” | Texas Politics | a blog

Vote Dr. Donna Campbell, the true conservative:

According to Mark P. Jones, chairman of Rice University’s political science department, state Sen. Jeff Wentworth and former Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones’ House voting records are not just “virtually indistinguishable.”

They’re also “in the center (with a modest leftward tilt) of the Texas House Republicans.”

His analysis is in today’s Texas Tribune, you can read all the GOP candidate comparisons here.

This won’t be news to supporters of Dr. Donna Campbell, but it might come as a surprise to those supporting Jones because she’s selling herself as more conservative than Wentworth.

(More trustworthy, too, but that’s a different story…)

via Wentworth and Jones voting records: “virtually indistinguishable” | Texas Politics | a blog.

Donna Campbell: pro-life. Jeff Wentworth: not

Not until the 3rd trimester, at 7 months or 24 weeks or so, anyway. And that’s exactly why I was one of the many who asked Dr. Donna Campbell to run for Senator for Senate District 25.

I’ve finally uploaded the video of Jeff Wentworth telling the Comal County Republicans that he believes abortion should be legal until the 3rd trimester. I’ve heard him say the same thing several times since.

This is the man who fought the Choose Life license Plate for 6 years, who voted against the Sonogram Bill. Contrast this man with Dr. Donna Campbell the Conservative candidate for Senator from Senate District 25! Contrast

In fact, Wentworth brought up the subject of abortion up to the 3rd trimester at the Rotary Club meeting last Thursday, when I was either too busy giving Dr. Donna’s credentials  — and definitely too wimpy, compared to this woman. He made the same statement about abortion being illegal in the 3rd trimester.

If my video doesn’t work, you can watch it at the Wentworth on Abortion

Tea Party Rally in San Antonio May 5, 2012

Saturday evening, I drove the 30 miles to San Antonio to attend the Tea Party Express meeting at a parking lot just off the grounds of the San Antonio Zoo.

I hate to say it, but none of the candidates were “my guys.” The music was good and the citizens who spoke were great. Unfortunately, Quico Conseco, the only one I wanted to hear, wasn’t there.

I met a FRiend – another poster on – Synchro. We’ve both been posting on that forum since 1998, but had never met, before. Synchro  (his real life name is Gary) has been traveling around the Nation with the Tea Party Express bus tour.

I also saw lots of Donna Campbell for Senate District 25 stickers and met other supporters of Dr. Donna. The “G” family truck was decorated appropriately.

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