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Representing Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25

I’m to be a substitute for Dr. Donna today at the Rotary Club at Canyon Lake. Pray for me — and Donna!

We are the most Conservative Senate District in Texas and we need the most Conservative State Senator!

(And hope that I don’t take off my shoes and give the talk barefoot, as I did once when talking to a group of nurses about osteoporosis!)

It ain’t over ’till it’s over, John!

A couple of days ago, my Senator John Cornyn said that the Republican Presidential Primary is over. Well, no, it isn’t in the Senator’s home State of Texas. The man is almost never wrong, but he is this time.

Our Primary is May 29, and my own County’s Republican Convention is tomorrow, April 21. We in Texas are still trying to generate enthusiasm for our candidates “down ballot,” like my own support for Dr. Donna Campbell who’s running for Senate District 25.

It ain’t over ’till it’s over, John!

Senate District 25 candidates meet with SA News editorial board

The video – obviously and choppily edited — is online at the San Antonio Express News. I support Dr. Donna Campbell, the citizen candidate


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