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Marriage – it really is a beautiful thing

from Fox’s Steven Crowder:

What’s not a matter of opinion, however, is that when it comes to marriage, we’ve all been lied to. Far from the miserable, broke, sexless life that it’s made out to be, the life of today’s married man is more fulfilling than any lonely, self-pleasing, single guy could hope for. So to all of you cads and good-time gals out there, read on and take note.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage – it really is a beautiful thing

  1. I actually have some expertise on this topic and I enjoyed the story. My wife Pam and I are still relatively youmg- especially by today’s standards (58 and 59)- and we have been married for 39 years. We have goals- two dear couples were close friends of ours and they were married for 69 and 72 years. That is a very high benchmark, considering the reference to Hollywood (“Who’s your new Dad? Oh, you will like him, we had him last year!”) As an attorney I used to do my share of divorces, but I very rarely do them anymore. I found that I spent more time trying to talk them out it- AND convincing them that money problems would not be decreased by living apart with TWO sets of monthly bills, homes, etc. We did not achieve any of our professional goals until after we were married. I do not recommend law school and pharmacy school, with a new baby girl, but it can be done! Get married and start living!

    Posted by Ronnie Dickens | August 11, 2011, 8:51 AM

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