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The Land of OZ (Cain explains Opportunity Zones)

Whatever happened to the Conservative idea of “Equal Opportunity for all? For that matter, what about free market principles and the idea that no one is “to big to fail?”

Are Conservatives comfortable with the promotion of special interest groups by our candidates, with distinctions made on the basis of race and ethnicity? How Conservative is it to propose a complicated new tax scheme based on rewarding failure and corruption?

In a bloggers’ forum sponsored by, Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain answered questions last night after the debate in Houston.

Mr. Cain was explaining his “Opportunity Zones,” which would help the “poorest Black Americans” and the “poorest Hispanics” (no other demographics were mentioned) when I heard myself blurt out, “How is that different from a bailout?”

Mr. Cain scowled and said Opportunity Zones are not a bailout because no money would be sent to the cities: the businesses and the people would get tax breaks and incentives, instead.

Okay, we wouldn’t send checks to the cities in Mr. Cain’s scheme. But those of us who pay 9-9-9 would subsidize the beneficiaries of the 3-3-3 and 9-0-9 tax categories. In the case of the cities, we would be rewarding them very same people who have destroyed those inner cities with their corruption. How soon would the “Chicago Way” corrupt OZ?

Empowerment Opportunity Zones
for Corrupt Inner Cities

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One thought on “The Land of OZ (Cain explains Opportunity Zones)

  1. Excellent post, only wish the CainTrained would listen and see the error in his ways….

    Posted by UKGrad89 | November 6, 2011, 11:26 AM

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