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Texas’ Republican Platform 2016

RTPsymbolAbout 300 delegates to the RPT weren’t Republican.The Platform of the Republican Party of Texas is online under “Platform,” here: . The numbering in this version of the Platform is awkward, but the plank-by-plank votes are reported at the 3rd link, below.

110 even voted against Principle #5, “Personal accountability and responsibility”

Just under 300 voted consistently against what should be non-controversial issues, such as the plank against human trafficking.

(Numbering appears to be a typographical error, hopefully soon corrected. The hard copies we had were much clearer.)

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2 thoughts on “Texas’ Republican Platform 2016

  1. Delegates spent over an hour voting “plank by plank”. Do not know what the scan-tron equipment and supplies cost. Do I have it right – not one plank was voted down, including at least one that was so poorly written (I think it was #60) the sentence actually had the opposite meaning of the intent? So what was the purpose of this exercise?

    In all the years I have been going to the state convention, the whole process used by the 2016 platform committee resulted in a document that was the worst I have ever seen – by far. Tons of typos, bad sentence structure, missing text. And that is just a superficial inspection, no time to compare it plank by plank with last year’s platform.

    I understand that many (including me) sometimes wonder why we even bother to create a platform….there is little evidence anyone other than those attending the convention bother to read the document. However, the State Republican Party should recognize the effort put forth by the grass roots to create the platform, and therefore should demonstrate a lot more respect for the platform. At least Mechler’s attempt to turn it into a one page document failed.

    Posted by David Flower | May 15, 2016, 4:25 PM

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