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Go Galt in Place:Unite behind God, Constitution, getting the Government out of the way

God, Constitution, Government out of the way. Can we unite or do we divide over degrees of commitment to these? What are you going to do to rebuild this nation based on God, Constitution and getting the Government out of our lives?

God includes the unalienable rights endowed on us by our Creator.

Constitution includes the current document as it was written and amended, and subject to amendment by its own rules.

Get the Government of the way of ordinary day to day life, out of the way of worshipping our God, out of the way of following the Constitution and forming better local governments. out of the way of building a business and out of the way of taking care of neighbors and educating our kids.

Now, think it out here at the board.

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One thought on “Go Galt in Place:Unite behind God, Constitution, getting the Government out of the way

  1. “…out of the way of following the Constitution”
    Shouldn’t that one be “in the way”? sorry, digress.

    I agree that simplicity and focus is key. “Hope and Change” made a marxist the president, so why wouldn’t “Out of the Way” make an “Americanist” the president?

    Truth and evidence is on the side of OutOfTheWay proponents, and further, it speaks to our nature.

    Fundamentally, the Constitution IS the OutOfTheWay document, and the other areas you mention are pegged to it.

    Wait! “Hope and Change” has only three syllables. Constitution and “Out of the Way” both have four! We may have a problem… 😉

    Also, let’s focus on the “InTheWay”ers’ failures.

    OutOfTheWay created the most free, wealthy, innovative, powerful, and charitable country in the history of civilization.

    InTheWay fosters tyranny (fed taking kid’s food in NC), creates recession (community redevelopment), kills (CAFE standards /less safe cars, mosquito nets replace DDT in Africa),_______, etc.


    Posted by subconch | February 17, 2012, 10:20 AM

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