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Benghazi emails not front page news on Google? (Updated 2 PM)

This is the front page of Google News — There’s no mention of the news about real-time emails and White House knowledge of the ongoing attack! I had to search “Benghazi emails” specifically to find coverage of the story.

Reuter’s and Yahoo each have a story about Secretary of State Clinton’s comments on the “Facebook” claim by a militant group – but no front page coverage of the real-time emails from the State Department in Libya about the attack in Benghazi.

Update, 2 PM CDT: Google News now has the story, 3rd or 4th on the page. However, the coverage still focuses on when the White House knew about the claim of responsibility. I’m glad that interest has forced the upgrade in coverage. However, I don’t believe that what they knew about the source of the attack should be the focus. Forbes has it right, with their article about the inadequate response to the attack.

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One thought on “Benghazi emails not front page news on Google? (Updated 2 PM)

  1. This is exactly the 3rd posting, of urs I browsed. But yet I really enjoy this specific one, “Benghazi emails not front page
    news on Google? (Updated 2 PM) WingRight” the best.
    Regards ,Warren

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