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The Right to Life, Sonograms, and Your Vote was referenced by another blogger who listed “a woman’s right to chose” as her first reason to vote for President Obama.

We all know that what that woman is choosing is to end the life of her own child. Usually, nearly 97% of the time, both mom and baby are healthy. And far too often, she doesn’t feel like she really has a choice.

I contend that the protection of the right not to be killed  should be the first reason to vote against Obama and all Democrats, from the President on down to the local County and State offices.

The right to life – the right not to be killed – of a human being is the primary inalienable right. If that right is not protected, then all other rights are subject to the power of others; they are also infringed. What is liberty, if one human or the State can determine that some humans aren’t human enough to have their God-given right not to be killed defended by the rest of us?

The fact is that all women undergoing an elective abortion already have a sonogram.  The standard of care for abortion or any procedure requiring instrumentation of the uterus now includes a an ultrasound examination.  The law in Texas not only ensures that the standard of care is followed, but that the timing allows the woman to be fully informed before the abortion, and before she is sedated and prepped for the abortion.

The same law that ensures that the woman will be offered a chance to see her sonogram and hear the heartbeat also makes sure that she’s referred to agencies that will help her actually have a “choice.” The Woman’s Right to Know Act included the mandate that women and girls be given access to a ) list of all the resources (State, Federal, private and charities) that are available to help the mother while she’s pregnant and after the baby is born. The State Department of Health Services compiles the list, using funds raised by licensing those abortion facilities.

The purpose of Government, according to the Declaration of Independence is to “secure” our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States goes further, stating that the government not only protects those of us who are citizens, but must also  “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Vote to protect our “Posterity,” the children of tomorrow.





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